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  1. Lincoln Aluminum Kit with 1# Aluminum Wire (K664-2)

    Lincoln Aluminum Kit with 1# 4043 Aluminum Wire (K664-2)

    Includes Liner, Tips, Drive Roll and 1 Lb spool of wire. Learn More

    Regular Price: $84.00

    Special Price: $76.99

  2. Regular Price: $14.62

    Special Price: $11.00

  3. Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder Pkg. with Spool Gun (K2473-2 & K3269-1)

    Regular Price: $1,166.00

    Special Price: $1,120.00

  4. Lincoln Plasma Swirl Ring Pk of 3 (KP2844-14)

    Regular Price: $60.36

    Special Price: $45.00

  5. Lincoln 16" SHMS-400 Low Noise Fume Extraction Suction Head (K639-4)

    Regular Price: $507.00

    Special Price: $435.00

  6. Lincoln .045 Flux Core Kit (K549-4)

    Regular Price: $93.00

    Special Price: $84.99

  7. Lincoln Accessory Kit - 400 Amp (K704)

    Regular Price: $768.00

    Special Price: $625.00

  8. Lincoln Innershield NR-211-MP Flux Core Kit .035 x 10 Lb Spool (K549-1)
  9. Lincoln Inside Cover Lenses For Lincoln 3350 Series Helmet Pkg/5 (KP3044-1)
  10. Lincoln Nozzle For Pro 100L MIG Gun Pkg/2 (KP3075-1-50F)

    Regular Price: $21.24

    Special Price: $18.00

  11. Lincoln Shadow Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket

    Regular Price: $71.32

    Special Price: $67.14

  12. Lincoln Plasma Gouging Shield Pkg/2 (KP2843-8)

    Regular Price: $43.08

    Special Price: $34.00

  13. Lincoln Miniflex FAC HV Activated Carbon Filter (K2389-1)

    Regular Price: $126.00

    Special Price: $125.00

  14. Lincoln .045 Flux Core Kit (K549-2)

    Lincoln .045 Flux Core Kit (K549-2)

    Recently voted the best .045 flux core wire kit made by Lincoln ever. Learn More

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price: $79.99

  15. Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 (K5126-1)

  16. Lincoln Power MIG 140C MIG Welder Pkg (K2471-2)

Welding Supplies from IOC, a division of Indiana Oxygen Company, is proud to announce that we are now participating in Lincoln's Money Matters Plus program. Shop our inventory of Lincoln Welding and Plasma Equipment knowing that select machines are now eligible for a cash rebate, free Lincoln gear, or an extended warranty. The previous program was originally only available to local welding supply house, but Lincoln has now opened this to authorized internet dealers.

Lincoln Electric Company had its humble beginnings in 1895 producing electric motors. By 1911, Lincoln introduced the first variable voltage, single operator, portable welding machine; the first in the world! Throughout their history, Lincoln Electric equipment has been involved in war-time efforts, market innovations and global expansion. In the last few years, Lincoln has made investments in companies all over the world as they continue their drive to make "RED" the color of the world's welding equipment.

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