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  1. Miller 5" X-Clamp for 30FX, 30SX, and 60SX ArcStation (300850)
  2. /

    Regular Price: $786.00

    Special Price: $675.00

  3. Miller AlumaPower 350 MPa MIG Welder with Aux Power, and Accessory Package (951554)

    Regular Price: $11,186.00

    Special Price: $8,495.00

  4. Miller XMT 350 MPa Multiprocess Welder with Tweco (907366014)

    Regular Price: $5,968.00

    Special Price: $4,717.00

  5. Regular Price: $377.00

    Special Price: $245.00

  6. Miller M25 MIG Gun 12 Ft. .030-035 (169596)

    Regular Price: $378.01

    Special Price: $220.00

  7. Miller 50' Leads 2/0 Stick Cable Set (173851)

    Regular Price: $585.07

    Special Price: $535.00

  8. Miller Diversion 165 FCS-RJ45 Foot Control (300432)

    Regular Price: $181.00

    Special Price: $147.99

  9. Miller XR Aluma-Pro (W) Heavy-Duty 60 Deg / 6 Inch  Head Tube Assembly (258294)

    Regular Price: $510.92

    Special Price: $465.00

  10. Miller 60SX ArcStation Welding Work Bench - Fully Loaded (951413)

    Regular Price: $1,860.00

    Special Price: $1,498.00

  11. Miller Bobcat 250 Kubota Diesel Welder/Generator with GFCI (907547)

    Regular Price: $10,449.00

    Special Price: $8,250.00

  12. Miller Syncrowave 210 DC Pulse Memory Card (301128)

    Regular Price: $208.00

    Special Price: $177.00

  13. Miller AlumaPower 450 MPa MIG Welder with Aux Power, Feeder, 30-ft Gun, and Coolmate 3 (951558)

    Regular Price: $11,106.00

    Special Price: $8,450.00

  14. Miller XMT 304 CC/CV 4-Pack Dinse-style Multioperator Rack (907292)

    Regular Price: $22,510.00

    Special Price: $17,875.00

  15. Miller N95 Disposable Mask Respirator with Valve and Nuisance Level OV Relief (267335)
  16. Miller Spoolmatic 30A MIG Spool Gun (130831)

    Regular Price: $1,286.00

    Special Price: $995.00

If Neils Miller doesn't have a statue in Appleton, Wisconsin, he should. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has had a larger impact on the welding industry than Mr. Miller. Back in 1929, he saw a need for a small, affordable arc welder that would operate on the type of electricity readily available in rural Wisconsin. Using American ingenuity, he cobbled together scrap metal, core and coil materials and hammered out that first welder in his basement. Six short years later, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. produced an industry-changing industrial welder and the rest is history.

Throughout the 40’s, Miller’s machines powered war efforts in the shipyards and defense plants. In the 50’s, Miller played a key role in the construction of most major planes, jets, fighters and missiles. Companies like Boeing, Cessna, Lockheed, Douglas all used Miller machines in their factories. The 1970’s brought the introduction of the Millermatic machines; the first power source with a built-in wire feeder.

Today, Miller Electric continues their dominance in the marketplace with machines like the Millermatic 211 and the Dynasty 200 DX, Auto-darkening welding helmets, and the Diversion 180 AC/DC TIG Welder. Miller’s full line of welding machines and welding accessories give their loyal customers plenty of reasons to “Bleed Blue.”

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