1. Optrel e680 Series Medium Blue Welding Helmet (K6804)

    Regular Price: $497.94

    Special Price: $325.00

  2. Optrel Outside Cover Lens for e680 Welding Helmets Pkg/5 (K5911)

    Regular Price: $29.33

    Special Price: $25.00

  3. Optrel e684 Series Silver Welding Helmet (1006.500)

    Optrel e684 Series Silver Welding Helmet (1006.500)

    Full of new, pioneering features such as Twilight technology and Adaptive Shade Autopilot. Learn More

    Regular Price: $490.00

    Special Price: $335.99

  4. Optrel e3000 HE Particulate Filter (4088.200)
  5. Optrel e3000 Blower Kit (4551.100)

    Optrel e3000 Blower Kit (4551.100)

    It's productivity and comfortability will blow you away. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,104.66

    Special Price: $999.99

  6. Optrel Sweatband - Back (5004.020)

  7. Optrel Sweatband - Front (5004.073)

  8. Optrel weldcap Starter Kit (5002.740)

    Optrel weldcap Starter Kit (5002.740)

    "The secret of getting ahead is getting started" -Mark Twain Learn More

  9. Optrel Headgear (5003.250)

    Regular Price: $31.99

    Special Price: $27.99

  10. Optrel Parking Buddy Belt Clip (5002.900)

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $18.99

  11. Optrel Nova ADF Replacement Lens (5012.238)

    Regular Price: $157.73

    Special Price: $139.99

  12. Optrel p550 Replacement ADF Lens (5012.700)

    Regular Price: $189.28

    Special Price: $170.35

  13. Optrel Hard Hat Adapter (K5930)

    Optrel Slotted Hard Hat Adapter (5011.185)

    Use your Optrel helmet with your slotted hard hat. Learn More

    Regular Price: $29.45

    Special Price: $24.99

  14. Optrel Spark Protector for e3000 PAPR (4088.202)
  15. Optrel e3000 PAPR Filter Cover (4551.231)

    Optrel e3000 PAPR Filter Cover (4551.231)

    Filter Cover Damaged? Here's your replacement! Learn More

    Regular Price: $61.20

    Special Price: $48.99

  16. Optrel Liteflip Front Cover Lens - Pkg of 5 (5000.390)

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price: $13.00

Swiss Made. It’s a mark you see on plenty of quality watches, machinery, deluxe pens, and other high precision products. And it’s with the same, Swiss Made precision with which Optrel helmets are designed and produced. Optrel has years of experience producing high quality welding helmets and grinding helmets. Optrel welding helmets have all the features you’d expect; low weight, automatic shade level detection, true color filter, delay function, grind mode, infinite shade level adjustments, and the list goes on.

Optrel is making a push for the "best helmet in the welding industry" award with the Optrel E684 Series Silver Welding Helmet (1006.500). Designed for welding experts, the E684 features Adaptive Shade Autopilot. This "set it and forget it" feature ensures that as your aperage output changes, the shade automatically changes to prevent eye strain. You'll also immediately notice the HD quality optics of the E684. Seeing better really does make a difference in your weld quality and no helmet on the market today has been optical resolution than the Optrel E684. 

A leader in innovation, Optrel is continuously developing innovative technologies for enhanced safety, ergonomics, and maximum efficiency. Check out some of the beautiful Optrel welding helmets, you won’t be disappointed.


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