1. Tweco Fabricator 181i MIG, TIG & Stick Welder Pkg. with TIG Torch (W1003181 & W4013802)

    Regular Price: $1,192.00

    Special Price: $999.00

  2. Tweco Fabricator 211I MIG, TIG & Stick Welder Pkg with Cart (W1004202) & TIG Torch (W4014603)

    Regular Price: $1,621.00

    Special Price: $1,450.00

  3. Tweco Fabricator 211i MIG, TIG & Stick Welder Pkg with Cart (W1004202)

    Regular Price: $1,399.00

    Special Price: $1,300.00

  4. Tweco Velocity Contact Tips

    Tweco VTS Velocity Contact Tips (Pkg/10)

    Brand new Tips for Tweco's brand new Fusion MIG guns. Learn More

    Regular Price: $18.00

    Special Price: $15.00

  5. Regular Price: $1,483.00

    Special Price: $1,215.00

  6. Tweco Fabricator 211I MIG, TIG & Stick Welder Pkg with TIG Torch (W1004201 & W4014603)

    Regular Price: $1,641.00

    Special Price: $1,385.00

  7. Tweco Fabricator 181I MIG, TIG & Stick Welder Pkg with Cart & Tig Torch (W1003182 & W4013802)

    Regular Price: $1,330.00

    Special Price: $1,145.00

  8. Tweco Fabricator 181I MIG and Stick & TIG Welder Pkg with Cart (No Tig Torch Included) (W1003182)

    Regular Price: $1,197.00

    Special Price: $1,035.00

  9. Thermal Arc/Tweco 200 Amp 25Ft Spool Gun For Fabricator 252I (1027-1391)

    Regular Price: $643.00

    Special Price: $540.00

  10. Tweco Weldskill MIG Nozzle (WS 22T-37SS)
  11. Tweco Weldskill MIG Nozzle (WS 21T-37)

    Regular Price: $13.73

    Special Price: $9.68

  12. Tweco Fabricator 181i MIG and Stick (No TIG Torch Included) Welder Pkg. (W1003181)

    Regular Price: $1,059.00

    Special Price: $865.00

  13. Lincoln Tweco .035 Contact Tips Pkg/10 FS (1135B)
  14. Tweco .030 Contact Tips Pkg/10 (1130B)
  15. Lincoln Tweco .023/025 Contact Tips Pkg/10 (1123B)
  16. Lincoln Tweco .045 Contact Tips Pkg/10 FS (1145B)

To say Tweco has been around for a few years would be quite the understatement. Back in 1936, Ray Townsend had the crazy idea that improving ground connections would improve the quality of the weld. It didn't take long for him to start marketing his "Red-head" ground clamp and sales took off. The following year, the name Townsend Welding Equipment Company was shortened to Tweco and Ray took his innovative products nationwide.

Over the following decades, Tweco continued expanding their product lines to include metal arc holders, quick-connect cable connectors and eventually a new MIG Gun was introduced that changed the game forever. While the original company was purchased by Pacific Lumber Company (Palco) in 1981 and then Thermadyne in 1987, their drive for innovation and quality hasn't changed. With their recent acquisition by Victor Technologies, the push to be the industry leader continues.

Over the next few months, Victor Technologies will begin an effort to consolidate their brands. Part of the move will include Thermal Arc machines receiving a face lift and new name. Tweco Welders will be coming to Welding Supplies from IOC!. To kick off the launch party, Tweco is introducing the Tweco Fabricator 141i Multi Process Welding System (W1003141). This 3-in-1, MIG, Stick, TIG system is designed to feel at home doing Automotive repair, farm and ranch work, metal and light fabrication jobs and everything in between.

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