MIG Guns

  1. Miller M25 MIG Gun 12 Ft. .030-035 (169596)

    Regular Price: $378.01

    Special Price: $220.00

  2. Miller M-150 15 Ft MIG Gun (249041)

    Miller M-150 15 Ft MIG Gun (249041)

    Goes great with the Millermatic 135, 175, 140, 180, or 211. Learn More

    Regular Price: $238.49

    Special Price: $139.99

  3. Miller M25 MIG Gun 15 Ft .035-045 (169599)

    Regular Price: $388.31

    Special Price: $234.00

  4. Miller M-100 10 Ft MIG Gun (248282)

    Miller M-100 10 Ft MIG Gun (248282)

    A must for your Millermatic 135, 175, 140, 180 or 211 Learn More

    Regular Price: $192.26

    Special Price: $118.00

Welding Supplies from IOC is home to the top brand name distributors of MIG guns. Miller, Lincoln, Thermal Arc and Tweco all bring top-notch, high-quality MIG welders for your welding applications. All are worthy picks when it comes to choosing a MIG gun brand. MIG Guns at Welding Supplies from IOC are suitable for welders at any level of skill. Whether you are a beginner, weekend warrior or career welder, you can count on finding quality, easy-to-use MIG Guns with Welding Supplies from IOC.

One of Welding Supplies from IOC’s best-selling MIG Guns is the Lincoln Magnum 100L Mig Welding Gun. It has a 10 ft. cable and a .025 - .045 wire diameter range. This Mig Gun is capable of .045 wire, but the liner would need to be changed (liner is .025 - .035). It includes an attachable gun connector. The Lincoln Magnum 100L features a lightweight body that is great for most small projects for home, farm, shop, and light auto body work. It includes a one-piece design that is especially resistant to high heat and spatter, which will lead to a long life. Finally, its lightweight and balanced curved handle provides a comfortable grip and reduces fatigue.

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