Lincoln Money Matters

Lincoln knows Your Money Matters

  1. Check back often, as Lincoln will be running special promotions on the products listed below. As soon as the promotions dates and details are released, we'll have the rebate information posted.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What machines are part of Lincoln's Money Matters Program?

      The machines listed here are part of money matters:
      • Lincoln Power MIG 140C (K2471-2)
      • Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP (K3963-1)
      • Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 (K5126-1)
      • Lincoln Power MIG 256 (K3068-1)
      • Lincoln Ranger 225 Welder/Generator (K2857-1)
      • Lincoln Ranger 250 GXT Welder/Generator (K2382-4)

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