Brushes & Grinding Wheels

  1. BW-103 Curved Handle Carbon Steel Brush 13-3/4"X 15/16"
  2. BW-190 Stainless Steel Weld Clean And Inspection Brush - 4ea.
  3. Pferd Stainless Steel Weld Clean & Inspection Brush - Pkg/4 (85065)
  4. BW-205 Brass Weld Cleaning & Inspection Brush 7-1/2" - 4ea.
  5. Pferd Curved Handle Stainless Steel Brush 13-3/4" (85004)

  6. BW-112 Shoe Handle Carbon Steel Wire Brush 10"X1-1/16" (85033)

Welding Supplies from IOC has an array of brushes and grinding wheels that come in a variety of sizes. Check out our selection of Pferd brushes to find a quality, long-lasting brush that will clean whatever type of metal you have. Welding Supplies from IOC’s durable brushes and grinding wheels offer optimum productivity, giving a satisfying experience every time.


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