1. Black Quilted Welders Skull Cap - One Size (OKICMX3000BQE)
  2. Miller Ghost Skulls Welding Cap

    Miller Ghost Skulls Welding Cap

    I still have nightmares about Ghost Skulls. Learn More

  3. Black Stallion Heavy Duty Shoulder Length Sherpa Pile Lined Winter Liner (WL300)
  4. Miller Blue Flame Welding Cap
  5. Miller Skull & Barbed Wire Welding Bandana
  6. Miller Logos Welding Cap

  7. Black Stallion FuzzyHead Polar Fleece Snug-Fitting Winter Liner (WL500)
  8. Miller Dragon Welding Cap

  9. Black Stallion FR Shoulder Length Fleece Lined Winter Liner (WL350)
  10. Miller American Pride Welding Cap
  11. Miller Dragon Welding Bandana
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