Protective Gear

  1. Miller Classic Cloth Welding Jacket

  2. Miller WeldX Cape Welding Sleeves

    Regular Price: $118.00

    Special Price: $101.99

  3. Miller WeldX Bib

    Miller WeldX Bib (247133)

    Extendo-matic would have been a better name. Learn More

    Regular Price: $33.00

    Special Price: $31.50

  4. Miller Classic Cloth Cape Welding Sleeves

    Miller Classic Cloth Cape Welding Sleeves

    Who wants to wear a full jacket when it's hot out? Learn More

  5. Miller Classic Cloth Bib (247147)
  6. Miller WeldX Apron

    Regular Price: $85.00

    Special Price: $75.99

  7. Miller WeldX Welding Sleeves

  8. Miller Classic Cloth Apron

  9. Miller Classic Cloth Welding Sleeves

  10. Miller Welding Bib/Apron

  11. Miller Classic HD MIG/Stick Welding Gloves
  12. Miller Classic MIG Welding Gloves

  13. Miller Classic MIG Welding Gloves - Long Cuff
  14. Miller American Pride Welding Cap
  15. Miller Blue Flame Welding Cap
  16. Miller Dragon Welding Cap

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