Welding Accessories

  1. Best Welds 1/4" BB "T" Grade 25' Oxy-Acetylene Hose (TNW1/4X25BBT)

    Regular Price: $29.02

    Special Price: $24.99

  2. Bessey SQ-4 Super Quick Sliding Bar Clamp

    Bessey SQ-4 Super Quick Sliding Bar Clamp

    Super quick clamping capability. Say that 5 times fast. Learn More

    Regular Price: $47.00

    Special Price: $37.00

  3. Wypo Round Soapstone Holder With 5 Soapstones (WM251C)

  4. Lincoln Hard Hat Adapter for Lincoln Viking 1840/2450/3350 Helmets (KP3047-1)

  5. Tempil 400F/204C Tempilstick Temperature Indicator (TEMTS0400)
  6. Markal Silver-Streak® Welders Pencil (MKL96101)

    Regular Price: $10.80

    Special Price: $9.00

  7. Markal Valve Action® Paint Marker (Blue) (MKL96825)
  8. Wypo King Tip Cleaner For Cutting And Welding Tips (SP-4)
  9. Miller Job Site Tool Bag (228028)

    Regular Price: $37.85

    Special Price: $34.50

  10. Tempil 200F/93C Tempilstick Temperature Indicator (TEMTS0200)
  11. Markal B® Paintstik® Marker (Yellow) (MKL80221)
  12. Markal Valve Action® Paint Marker (Red) (MKL96822)
  13. Best Welds 1/4" BB "T" Grade 50' Oxy-Acetylene Hose (TNW1/4X50BBT)

    Regular Price: $50.94

    Special Price: $39.99

  14. Vise-Grip 1SP 11" C-Clamp Swivel Pads

  15. Bessey Super Quick Sliding Bar Clamp (SQ-12)

    Regular Price: $117.54

    Special Price: $80.00

  16. Welding Extension Cord 25' 50 Amp 250V (DWC83STBLK25)

    Regular Price: $71.66

    Special Price: $69.00

Shop through our endless list of quality welding accessories that will help you put a professional’s finish on all of your welding projects. We offer a wide variety of welding accessories to make your browsing process quick and easy. Accessories include: welder tongs, ground clamps, cable connectors, torch and welder covers and more. Our welding accessories are from the top name-brand manufacturers that offer the best support when welding. Find Welding Accessories from the manufacturer you want, whether it may be Miller, Lincoln, WeldTec or Wypo; we’ve got you covered.

One of Welding Supplies from IOC’s popular accessories is the Miller MO Offset 18" Spot Welder Tongs with 1 Set of Tips (040202). These are designed to be used with the Miller MSW-41, MSW-41T, LMSW-52 and LMSW-52T Spot Welders. These Tongs include 1 set of Tips. For additional tips, please order part number 040215, MO Offset Spot Welder Tips.

Another hot Welding Supplies from IOC item is the Miller Cover for Spectrum 125C, 375 Plasma Cutter (195144). Cover your investment and protect it from dirt, dust, and grime. This cover fits the Miller Spectrum 125C and 375 plasma cutters. The cover is water and mildew resistant, and covers the unit with all the cables connected. It also has a wall hanging strap so you can hang it and keep it out of the way while you're using your machine.


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