Carts & Trailers

  1. Miller 150A RFCS-14 Contractor's Kit w/Foot Control (301309)

    Regular Price: $942.00

    Special Price: $740.00

  2. Miller MVP Adapter 5-15P (254330)
  3. Miller MVP Adapter 6-50P (254328)
  4. Miller MVP Plug 5-20P (219259)
  5. Miller MVP Plug 5-15P (219261)
  6. Miller MVP Plug 6-50P (219258)
  7. Miller Plasma RTI Filter and Bracket (300491)

    Regular Price: $302.00

    Special Price: $265.00

  8. Miller 25' Leather Cable Cover (231867)

    Regular Price: $314.00

    Special Price: $275.00

  9. Miller 25' Leather Cable Cover (231867)

    Regular Price: $158.87

    Special Price: $145.00

  10. Miller 20' Leather Cable Cover (239642)

    Regular Price: $148.55

    Special Price: $137.00

  11. Miller Automation Kit for Spectrum 875 Auto-Line (301157)

    Regular Price: $511.35

    Special Price: $465.00

  12. Miller Automation Kit for Spectrum 875 (301156)

    Regular Price: $248.65

    Special Price: $235.00

  13. Miller Automation Kit for Spectrum 625 X-Treme (301158)

    Regular Price: $258.23

    Special Price: $245.00

  14. Miller 15' Leads No. 2 Stick Cable Set (195196)

    Regular Price: $107.13

    Special Price: $105.00

  15. Miller 50' Leads  No. 2 Stick Cable Set (300836)

    Regular Price: $272.17

    Special Price: $250.00

  16. Miller 150A RCCS-14 Fingertip Contractor's Kit (301311)

    Regular Price: $867.00

    Special Price: $687.00

As the welding industry progresses, Welding Supplies from IOC understands that our users like to work smarter, not harder. Many of the welding products today bring heavy weight and are a hassle to move around. Let us make your projects easier so you can focus on the project, instead of your back pain. Grab yourself one of Welding Supplies from IOC’s convenient, premium welding and power source cart to easily move your multi-process welder around during the job.

One of the popular carts Welding Supplies from IOC has to offer is the Norstar MIG Welder & Power Source Cart (N890013). This heavy duty cart is great for storing and moving your welder or plasma power sources. This high profile design with wider than normal platform and double shelves provide maximum storage and stability. The top deck is large enough to fit most MIG, Stick, TIG and Plasma units regardless of brand. The rear cylinder storage area has a platform and 2 cylinder brackets for stable storage of a compressed gas cylinder from 20 to 150 cubic foot. Assembly required.

How about a trailer for that new Engine Drive Welder? Pick-up the Miller Highway-1000 Trailer (195013) with Welding Supplies from IOC. This is a Hwy-1000 Miller Engine Drive Trailer. It is for use with the Wildcat 200, Bobcat Series, and most Trailblazer Series machines. It is a 1,000 lb. capacity highway trailer with a welded steel tubing frame, a heavy-duty axle with roller bearing hubs, and a leaf-spring suspension. It includes a jack stand, a 2 inch (50 mm) ball hitch, fenders, and lights. The trailer is shipped partially unassembled, and comes with a one-year warranty from Miller.

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