1. Sensible Products Magnetic Stick Light (MSL-1)

  2. Sensible Products Pocket Area Light (PAL-1)
  3. Lincoln Hard Hat Adapter for Lincoln Viking 1840/2450/3350 Helmets (KP3047-1)

  4. Sensible Products Extendable Magnetic Flashlight (EMF-2)

  5. Black Stallion ToolHandz Anti-Vibration Leather Mechanics Gloves (GX100)
  6. Miller Job Site Tool Bag (228028)

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price: $34.50

  7. Black Stallion FuzzyHand Max2 Waterproof Polar Fleece and Pigskins Gloves (15FH-MAX2)
  8. Black Stallion Hi-Vis Spandex Extreme Winter Gloves (GW101)
  9. Black Stallion FuzzyHead Polar Fleece Snug-Fitting Winter Liner (WL500)
  10. Black Stallion FR Shoulder Length Fleece Lined Winter Liner (WL350)
  11. Black Stallion Hi-Vis Insulated Storm Cuff Mechanics Gloves (15HV)
  12. Black Stallion Heavy Duty Shoulder Length Sherpa Pile Lined Winter Liner (WL300)
  13. Wypo King Tip Cleaner For Cutting And Welding Tips (SP-4)
  14. Vise-Grip 1SP 11" C-Clamp Swivel Pads

  15. Bessey Super Quick Sliding Bar Clamp (SQ-12)

    Regular Price: $117.54

    Special Price: $80.00

  16. Welding Extension Cord 25' 50 Amp 250V (DWC83STBLK25)

    Regular Price: $71.66

    Special Price: $65.00

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