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  1. Miller Vs. Lincoln: Where Did It Begin?

    September 2021 Red vs. blue: the battle of the welding titans. We all love a good rivalry, whether it’s your favorite football team or Wendy’s roasting McDonalds on twitter. One fire that welders love to fuel is the rivalry between Lincoln and Miller. Here’s an interesting question though: When did this rivalry begin? Who fired the first shots or insulted...
  2. Multiprocess OR Dedicated Welding Machines

    September 2021 Multiprocess machines have come a significant way, and a lot of the information comparing them against dedicated machines is often wrong or out of date. The truth is, both multiprocess and dedicated machines have their own pros and cons, but they’re often not what you think. In this article, we look at the real evidence so you can...
  3. Making the Most of Your Helmet & Lenses

    A good helmet can make you a great welder and should last a long time (if you take care of it). But most welders don’t realize how to get the most out of their helmets and what options they have to make them even better. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of cheater lenses and talk about how to...
  4. Welding’s Most Bizarre and Creative Projects

    We’re often blown away by the photos that we receive of welding projects you’re all working on: Classic car restorations, furniture, fire pits, vehicle modifications—all sorts of incredible pieces. Sometimes though, we receive some more unusual projects: metal body parts, modified kids’ wagons and what can only be described as shrines to Immortan Joe. Whether they’re bizarre or insanely creative...
  5. Should You Learn How to CNC Plasma?

    Look, there’s no point in beating around the bush: CNC (or any type of automated anything) tends to be pretty controversial. CNC supporters make it sound like a one-size-fits-all solution, while anti-CNC protesters claim it’ll render humans worthless. For the most part, both parties have blown what CNC really is way out of proportion. In this article, we’ll show you...
  6. 2021 Ultimate Equipment Guide

    With almost 200 articles, our blog is one of the most comprehensive welding resources on the internet. In this guide, we’ve put together a list of recent articles categorized by welding machines, cutting equipment, helmets, clothing and more.   Helmets Which Helmets are best for TIG vs. MIG Many welders don’t realize that most helmets are designed to work better...
  7. Summer Tips Every Welder Should Know (But Doesn’t)

    After one of the most bizarre winters in recent US history, summer is finally here. And unfortunately, experts are predicting that it’s going to be quite hot. That means increased risk of heat stroke, something that any experienced welder will tell you is no joke. Luckily, we’ve got some pro tips to help keep you cool, while also eliminating some...
  8. Welding in the Void: Saturation Diving

    Darkness. An engulfing, black void like you’ve never experienced before. Beyond your small headlight, the world is simply gone: No shapes, no faint colors, just emptiness. Everything feels so empty, you begin to see things that aren’t there. As one saturation diver said, “When you’re out that deep in the water, your brain tries to fill the void. At least...
  9. Going Rogue: In-Depth Review of ESAB Rogue Series

    Especially with welder prices going up, having an ESAB stick/TIG welder for under $1,000 is an incredibly good deal. There are countless reasons why you’d want to consider one of the Rogue series machines.  For first timers looking to get started with their own welder, it’s an excellent choice. For skilled welders in search of a 2nd machine they can...
  10. How will Metal 3D Printing Affect Welding?

    It’s both magic and unsettling at the same time to watch a 3D printer at work. Its movements are cold, calculated and unnatural. Where a person would approach a project from multiple angles, the printer simply does one line at a time. Like something from a 1970’s sci-fi movie, a shape emerges from a spool of plastic wire. Up until...

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