1. Do you Always Weld Instead of Braze?

    It was 1960 and the US/Soviet arms race had become a full-blown marathon. Just off the east coast, the USS Barbel cut through the waves on its way to a training exercise. The sub’s massive 219’ hull was mostly submerged under the surface, hiding just how enormous the craft truly was. As one of the most advanced nuclear subs of...
  2. What’s Going On With Miller?

    For years, Miller had a perpetual promotion known as “Build with Blue” that featured new rebates every quarter. With COVID backhanding the global supply chains into a near-unrecognizable state, Build with Blue hasn’t returned. That’s led some of you to wonder, “What’s going on with Miller?” Well, lend us your ears, eyes and pinky fingers, because we’re going to be...
  3. Your 2021 Welding Wrap-Up

    With 2021 coming to a close, we’d like to pull back the curtain a bit and share with you what were the most popular machines and helmets purchased at Welding Supplies from IOC. In the end, you should always choose your equipment by how it will meet your needs, not what everyone else is picking. However, looking at the machines...
  4. Welding While It’s Freezing: What to Know

    Last year was one heck of a crazy winter: cold where it wasn’t supposed to be, warmer where it was. It’s like Jack Frost had a midlife crisis and just did whatever he wanted. While we’re hoping this year will be a lot more sane, there are some important cold-weather welding tips that you’ll want to know before the temperatures...
  5. Welding Projects to Give As Holiday Gifts

    With the news warning that inventory on hot holiday items will be selling out fast, there’s never been a better year to make your gifts. Personalized presents you weld yourself really hit people in the feel-goods, but there’s some key points you should keep in mind. In this post, we’ll show off some of our favorite welding projects that can...
  6. The 2021 Holiday Welding Guide

    Whether you’re shopping for the welder in your life or just looking for a smart way to use that holiday gift money you got, we’ve put together an excellent gift guide based on several pricing tiers. $30 and Below Gloves Keeping your digits protected with a new pair of gloves is the perfect gift for under $30. There’s no point...
  7. The ESAB Rebel 205ic In 2021

    A few years ago, ESAB introduced a huge breakthrough for their multiprocess machines. For the first time ever, a multiprocess machine could TIG weld aluminum. As with any new tech, some welders couldn’t wait to get their hands on the 205ic. Others of us wanted to wait and see how it would hold up after a few years. Investing in...
  8. How To Weld Stainless Steel

    Centuries ago, sailors would tell stories of dastardly sirens. At first, they’d appear as beautiful, charming women floating in the water. The sailors would be mesmerized, duped into believing that all their problems would melt away if they could reach the sirens. But as they got closer and closer, the beautiful women would turn into horrifying monsters. For too many...
  9. Miller Vs. Lincoln: Where Did It Begin?

    September 2021 Red vs. blue: the battle of the welding titans. We all love a good rivalry, whether it’s your favorite football team or Wendy’s roasting McDonalds on twitter. One fire that welders love to fuel is the rivalry between Lincoln and Miller. Here’s an interesting question though: When did this rivalry begin? Who fired the first shots or insulted...
  10. Multiprocess OR Dedicated Welding Machines

    September 2021 Multiprocess machines have come a significant way, and a lot of the information comparing them against dedicated machines is often wrong or out of date. The truth is, both multiprocess and dedicated machines have their own pros and cons, but they’re often not what you think. In this article, we look at the real evidence so you can...

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