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  1. Explosion Welding Is What?

    Explosion Welding Is What?
    You peer over the edge of a muddy trench as bullets whiz overhead. Blurry black shapes struggle towards you through the rain and slurry. A man behind you runs down the trench, screaming in a thrill voice, “Here they come!” And then the shelling starts. Explosions that rock the earth around you. Power so terrifying, nothing in the history of...
  2. Top 5 Welding DIY Projects

    Top 5 Welding DIY Projects
    As summer’s coming to a close, the cold weather makes for a good excuse to retreat back into your workshop (assuming you ever left). Now all you need is inspiration, a muse to fuel the madness. To help get those idea wheels turning, here’s a list of our favorite DIY welding projects. 1. Workshop Equipment – This idea is generally...
  3. Pro-Tips For TIG Welding Aluminum

    Until 1889, aluminum was one of the capstones of rare, expensive metals. A single ounce cost around $300 in today’s money. Now, it’s everywhere, from cars to streetlights to sliding doors. It has a special quality that makes it uniquely certified for situations where no other metal will work. So knowing how to TIG weld aluminum properly can be a...
  4. Strange & Exciting Trends In Welding

    You could write a college dissertation on the interesting trends taking place in welding right now. On one end, there’s a big push for better technology. Less buttons, more screens. Less switches, more circuits. It’s what you’d expect from an industry so closely tied with innovation. But welding isn’t just a science, it’s an art. An art that takes time...
  5. What Do You Want To Hear About?

    Over the years, our experts here at IOC get a lot of questions. How does duty cycle really work? How do I keep burnback from ruining my workpiece? Can I weld in a swimming pool? Addressing these questions has been a large focus of what we’ve posted here on our blog. Beyond that, we’ve also tried to really dig deep...
  6. 2 Insane Welding Processes You’ve Never Heard Of

    It’s hard to imagine a world where the tri-faced king of processes didn’t reign supreme. But beyond MIG, TIG and Stick lies a fascinating realm of barely-known welding processes. Here are 2 you’ve probably never even heard of. COLD WELDING Not so much “cold” as “not hot,” Cold welding requires absolutely no heat. How’s that possible? Instead of using heat...
  7. So, Why Do People like the Square Wave TIG 200?

    We know what you’re thinking. How can a wave also be a square and still be called a wave. Shouldn’t it be called the Lincoln Paradox TIG 200? Well, my observant reader, here’s why the Square Wave name is actually quite accurate. Traditionally, welding machines handled voltage in a sine wave structure. This consists of a brief period of cleaning...
  8. 2 Invisible Ways Welding Can Kill You

    There’s no need to sugarcoat it. We know as far as hobbies go, welding’s quite a bit more dangerous than miniature trains or lawn bowling. But we’re safe, right? We wear our helmets, use gloves and generally try our best not to catch anything on fire. For the most part, the welding community is very conscious of the immediate dangers...
  9. Basic Welding Symbols Explained

    Here’s why you might hate welding symbols: They look like an inebriated gang of crop circling aliens took a shot at recreating the enigma code. Here’s why you should love welding symbols: Once you’ve channeled the Turring deep inside of you to gain some comprehension of this mess, it can make a huge difference. Even a basic understanding of welding...
  10. Welding’s Biggest Enemy

    Welding machines are built tough. They’re tested against high temperatures and made to survive industrial environments. So what maniacal little critter brings these metal behemoths’ to their knees more than any other problem? Dirt. Yeah, dirt. Dirt particles are much like babies. One of them you can handle. Two, sure why not? Three, things are getting a little crazy. But...

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