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  1. Basic Welding Symbols Explained

    Here’s why you might hate welding symbols: They look like an inebriated gang of crop circling aliens took a shot at recreating the enigma code. Here’s why you should love welding symbols: Once you’ve channeled the Turring deep inside of you to gain some comprehension of this mess, it can make a huge difference. Even a basic understanding of welding...
  2. Welding’s Biggest Enemy

    Welding machines are built tough. They’re tested against high temperatures and made to survive industrial environments. So what maniacal little critter brings these metal behemoths’ to their knees more than any other problem? Dirt. Yeah, dirt. Dirt particles are much like babies. One of them you can handle. Two, sure why not? Three, things are getting a little crazy. But...
  3. Artistic Welding And You

    Often welding is split into 2 different categories of thought: structural welding and artistic welding. This differentiation has caused a lot of welders to assume some welding techniques can only be used while wearing a beret and holding a painter’s palette. The simple truth is, many techniques commonly labeled “artistic” are great ways to make your projects look much more...
  4. Will You Be Replaced By A Robot?

    We’ve got manless drones soaring around and children scooting down the streets on electrical motorized machines. Half our cashiers are robots who always seem to suspect we’re trying to steal something. Feels like we’re 2 clicks and a short hop away from Skynet. With all this automation, many welders are worried their jobs are on the line. This fear isn’t...
  5. How To Weld Copper

    Ah Copper, our old nemesis. Mankind’s struggle to tame this metallic beauty has lasted for thousands of years. In 5000 BC, our caveman started melting down copper, successfully making it the first ore to ever be smelted. Since then it’s a backbone metal of our entire human society. So why can it be so hard to work with?! Like most...
  6. Top 6 Things To Know If You’re Going to Study Welding

    Studying welding in college can be a significant boost for your career and your skills, especially if you’ve got your eye set on a Welding Engineer or Welding Inspector role. But the increase in pay and responsibility doesn’t come without its own obstacles. If you’re looking at studying welding, here’s 6 things you should know beforehand. Welding Is Different From...
  7. How Can You Benefit From The Welder/Generator Wars?

    Lincoln just launched one of the best deals on welder/generators we’ve seen in at least a decade. Now Miller has joined the party with a sweet deal of their own. This War of the Welder/Generators has sparked some of the best savings ever, meaning if you’ve been thinking about getting a welder/generator, now is the absolute perfect time. We’ll take...
  8. Understanding The Welder/Generator

    With some of the best deals on welder/generators we’ve seen in a decade going on right now, it’s the perfect time to brush up on your understanding of welder/generators. Even some of the most seasoned welders don’t realize how much these machines have changed in the last couple of years. First, what is a welder/generator? It’s what happens when a...
  9. 3 Of The World’s Biggest Welding Projects

    1. The Emma Maersk Ship Half a century ago, steel ships were built with rivets. Hot metal dowels were placed in the holes of two overlapping steel plates while the dowels were still malleable. The end of the dowels were then smashed flat, pinning the 2 sheets of metal together. However, rivets proved to be unreliable and difficult to maintain...
  10. Climate Control Your Face

    Scorching metal well beyond its boiling point takes more heat than the devil himself could handle. Throw a giant, air-trapping steel cage over your head and you’ve got your own personal inferno. Because of this, I was intrigued by Miller’s new Infinity Helmet promotion with a free CoolBand™ II. It originally made me wonder: Does it really work to strap...

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