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  1. Push Or Pull, Which is Right?

    Push Or Pull, Which is Right?
    We’ve never seen a man stabbed with a welding torch, but if we did, it would most likely be over a push-or-pull debate. Out of all the debates within the welding world, it’s been the longest, most heated argument since the first welding machines were invented. Chances are, if you’ve been welding for more than a couple weeks, you’ve got...
  2. Should I Become a Freelance Welder?

    Should I Become a Freelance Welder?
    Ah, imagine that: Being your own boss, working the hours you want to work and only taking the jobs you want to take. Freelance welding can be incredibly enticing. But before you give your foreman the finger and decide to head out on your own, here’s a couple things you should consider when thinking about becoming a freelance welder: Often...
  3. 5 Welders You Need To See Before 2017

    5 Welders You Need To See Before 2017
    If you’re thinking about getting a new welding machine sometime within the next year, there’s a couple deals going on right now you owe it to yourself to check out. All 5 of these welders are staff favorites from some of our most trusted brands. Miller Multimatic 215 Auto-Set Multiprocess Welder ($200 OFF Until Dec. 31st, 2016) Multiprocess welders have...
  4. What it’s Really Like to Weld on an Oil Rig

    What it’s Really Like to Weld on an Oil Rig
    Nothing is normal about living on a man-made island of steel. It’s a world of its own. Everything and everyone you know is stacked on top of each other in the same 250 ft by 400 ft space. Like the pre-Columbus era, the edge of the world has returned. Beyond your metal floating planet is nothing but salty, blue ocean...
  5. I Am The Father Of Art Welding

    I Am The Father Of Art Welding
    You’re interested in artistic welding. You feel passionate about creating with metal in one hand and torch in the other. Could you explain that sensation to someone if you tried? And yet, artistic welding hasn’t always been around. Before that, only the passion existed. The desire was there, the technology was not. And even when that technology came around, there...
  6. Welding in the Entertainment Industry

    Welding in the Entertainment Industry
    Close your eyes. When I say “Welding”, what’s conjured up into your brain. Maybe a construction site with sparks flying around or a couple steel plates being tack welded. How about Tom Hardy running from a gang of road-raged mutants on a Hollywood set? Probably not. But did you know just how much welding is done in Hollywood and in...
  7. Explosion Welding Is What?

    Explosion Welding Is What?
    You peer over the edge of a muddy trench as bullets whiz overhead. Blurry black shapes struggle towards you through the rain and slurry. A man behind you runs down the trench, screaming in a thrill voice, “Here they come!” And then the shelling starts. Explosions that rock the earth around you. Power so terrifying, nothing in the history of...
  8. Top 5 Welding DIY Projects

    Top 5 Welding DIY Projects
    As summer’s coming to a close, the cold weather makes for a good excuse to retreat back into your workshop (assuming you ever left). Now all you need is inspiration, a muse to fuel the madness. To help get those idea wheels turning, here’s a list of our favorite DIY welding projects. 1. Workshop Equipment – This idea is generally...
  9. Pro-Tips For TIG Welding Aluminum

    Until 1889, aluminum was one of the capstones of rare, expensive metals. A single ounce cost around $300 in today’s money. Now, it’s everywhere, from cars to streetlights to sliding doors. It has a special quality that makes it uniquely certified for situations where no other metal will work. So knowing how to TIG weld aluminum properly can be a...
  10. Strange & Exciting Trends In Welding

    You could write a college dissertation on the interesting trends taking place in welding right now. On one end, there’s a big push for better technology. Less buttons, more screens. Less switches, more circuits. It’s what you’d expect from an industry so closely tied with innovation. But welding isn’t just a science, it’s an art. An art that takes time...

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