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  1. The Unexpected Truth About Welding Cost

    The term “Welding Cost” gets thrown around a lot. Seems like every welding product will save you money over time. For the most part, they’re all right. The real trick is finding the products that’ll save you the most. So where does most of your money go during a job? Consumables? Electricity? Gases? Unexpectedly, 85% of the cost of making...
  2. The New Miller Infinity Helmets Are Finally Here

    What if there was a welding helmet that hardly felt like it was there at all. “BS” you say? The new Miller Infinity Series Helmets are pretty darn close. Seems like a lot of welding helmets were built for people with one squinty eye in the middle of their head. Not anymore. These new Miller helmets have the largest viewing...
  3. AC VS. DC

    DC or AC Stick Welding? It’s an ever-changing debate that’s evolved as welding itself has advanced. There’s a lot of once-good advice out there that’s become outdated as technology has improved for both current types. So, as of the year 2015, who’s king of the currents? Direct Current Direct current’s pretty simple. You’re either using a negative polarity or a...
  4. CLAMS And The Secrets To Stick Welding

    Clams are the secret to stick welding. Not like eating them or rubbing them over your body (though we haven’t actually tried that). We mean CLAMS: Current settings. Length of arc. Angle of travel. Manipulation of the electrode and Speed of travel. If you’re just learning the Stick process, remembering these five points will help you simplify and improve your...
  5. Are You Using The Right Rods?

    A lot of stick welders tend to learn with one electrode type. It makes sense. It allows you to perfect your skills without having to worry about different parameters and settings. It’s also the source of an epidemic problem among stick welders who treat every electrode type the same. To make sure you never fall victim, we’ve compiled the perfect...
  6. Plasma Cutting Vs. Oxy Acetylene

    From time to time, we’ll hear these whispers of an ongoing war: Plasma Cutters Vs. Oxy Acetylene, the great debate, the civil war among welders. It’s like there’s gangs of welders roving around with “Plasma Cutter” written on their leather jackets or “Oxy Acetylene” tattooed across their chest. So, let’s settle this right here and now: Plasma Cutters Vs. Oxy...
  7. Staff Spotlight: Nate’s Favorite Welder

    Nate has been working in the welding industry for more than half of his life. He’s currently our Head of Customer Service & Order Management for the eCommerce Department. When he’s not talking about welding, reading about welding or actually welding, he’s traveling the world with his family. Breaking into TIG welding can be a trainwreck, especially because older...
  8. Inverter Vs. Transformer Welders

    It’s throw-down time. We’ve rented out the arena. The Rocky music is blaring. It’s time to see who’s king: Inverter Tech or Transformer Based welders. In the left corner, we’ve got the granddaddy. Transformer-based welders built America. They’ve had more than half a century of experience and refinement to be perfected into what we use today. In the right corner...
  9. What’s The Deal With Underwater Welding?

    Imagine your welding gun hovering in front of you, slightly swaying from side to side. Everything seems to hang in space around you, like someone just turned off gravity. You look down, expecting to see solid ground and find nothing but a vast abyss below. Even your own body is trapped somewhere in between falling and flying upwards. That’s the...
  10. The Real Secrets To Stopping Burnback

    You know what Burnback is, right? When that thing does something and it… with the wire or something? See, every welder has heard of Burnback but many of us aren’t exactly sure what it is. The main problem is that the word “Burnback” is used to describe a couple different things. For instance, certain welding machines have a “Burnback Control”...

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