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  1. Inverter Vs. Transformer Welders

    It’s throw-down time. We’ve rented out the arena. The Rocky music is blaring. It’s time to see who’s king: Inverter Tech or Transformer Based welders. In the left corner, we’ve got the granddaddy. Transformer-based welders built America. They’ve had more than half a century of experience and refinement to be perfected into what we use today. In the right corner...
  2. What’s The Deal With Underwater Welding?

    Imagine your welding gun hovering in front of you, slightly swaying from side to side. Everything seems to hang in space around you, like someone just turned off gravity. You look down, expecting to see solid ground and find nothing but a vast abyss below. Even your own body is trapped somewhere in between falling and flying upwards. That’s the...
  3. The Real Secrets To Stopping Burnback

    You know what Burnback is, right? When that thing does something and it… with the wire or something? See, every welder has heard of Burnback but many of us aren’t exactly sure what it is. The main problem is that the word “Burnback” is used to describe a couple different things. For instance, certain welding machines have a “Burnback Control”...
  4. Welding’s Most Undervalued Accessory

    It’d blow your mind to realize the treasure trove of welding accessories out there that make life so much easier. Most of all, clamps. And not just any clamps, Strong Hand clamps. If you’ve ever told your buddy, “hold this while I weld it,” you know why clamps are important. In the words of one expert welder, “There is no...
  5. What You Really Should Know About Welding Warranties

    Warranties feel good. It’s like a friendly hand on your shoulder that says, “Don’t worry, I got your back.” But have you ever actually tried to use a warranty before? Depending on the company, it can be an absolute nightmare. So much so, we’ve come up with 5 things that are not as bad as having to deal with a...
  6. Auto-Darkening Hoods: Is It Worth It?

    We’re constantly looking for the Holy Grail of welding helmets. Because good helmets aren’t just protection, they’re beyond that. When you’re welding with a good helmet, it doesn’t get in the way, it becomes an extension of you. So, how do Auto-Darkening Helmets rate on our quest for the perfect hood? First, what’s “Auto-Darkening” mean. It’s as simple as it...
  7. The Top 2 Smartphone Apps Every Welder Needs

    Finally, something smart to do with your Smartphone. Here’s some of our favorite welding apps to make your life a little easier. Miller Weld Settings Calculator In case you’ve lost your 200 page copy of the welder’s complete reference guide, here’s the Weld Settings App to the rescue. Especially if your materials or consumables tend to vary, the Weld Settings...
  8. The Secrets of Buying Your First Welder

    You never forget your first, your first welding machine that is. Because your first welding machine can make or break the whole experience for you. It’s a big decision, one that can be extremely difficult if you’re still a beginner. We’re here to help with this list of the best beginner welders on the market: The Millermatic 211 There’s a...
  9. Stick vs. MIG vs. TIG: Which Process is Right For You?

    We all know the importance of selecting the right tool for the job. When it comes to welding, the process you choose is every bit as important as the tools themselves. Using the wrong welding process for a certain task can be like trying to saw a 2x4 with a screwdriver. Good luck with that. If you’re new to welding...
  10. Why You Need A New Welder

    How old’s your welder? 10 years old, maybe 20? Ever wonder what's happened to welding machines in that time? Well my friend, hang on to your butt because we’re about to blow your mind. Inverter Tech Instead of transformer-based tech, many new welders use inverter tech. It’s the difference between an early 1990’s cell phone the size of a small...

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