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  1. What about the Miller Trailblazer 325?

    Choosing a welder/generator isn’t some quick decision like which candy bar to buy or who to marry. It’s an investment that’ll make a significant improvement in your life, if you pick wisely. That is why any serious hobby or career welder should know about the Trailblazer 325. The Trailblazer is often compared to the Bobcat 250. Both Miller machines are...
  2. The Best Indoor Welding Project Ideas

    For most areas of the country, fall means rain and a rollercoaster of unpredictable weather. It can make outside projects a difficult task, ultimately forcing a lot of welders to the shelter of their garage or workshop. Because of this, fall is a great time of year for smaller projects that can be safely housed indoors. And it’s not just...
  3. Can You Really Weld In A T-Shirt?

    There are people that pay good money to tan in a booth after work. As a welder, you can tan while at work. Talk about a good deal! At least until you’ve got skin cancer or 3rd degree sunburns. Pro-tip: You can avoid those unsightly tan lines by welding naked (ouch). In reality, welding sunburns are nothing to laugh off...
  4. Essential Motorcycle Welding Tips

    While incredibly rewarding, working on motorcycles can be quite challenging. Using a jig and being very careful with your measurements is a basic first step. But there are also some key tips when it comes to the actual weld that can make a huge difference. Prepare for Pipes Most motorcycles use pipes for the majority of their frames. If you’re...
  5. Are Weld-Masks Replacing Helmets?

    Looking at the Miller Weld-Mask 2 feels like discovering a turtle without a shell. Sure it’s smaller and more lightweight, but it’s just so… different. That’s not a bad thing. Heck, we’d still be wearing slabs of cast iron for helmets if “different” was our only judging criteria. So the weld-mask looks different, but how well does it work? Despite...
  6. Is Sandblasting a Superior Cleaning Option?

    If you counted the hours of your life lost on a grinder or wire brushing, how much of your time would it be? Between prepping your work for welding and cleaning up after you finish, grinding and brushing can take up a significant chunk of your time. Because of this, sandblasting has often been looked at as a convenient way...
  7. How does the Millermatic 211 hold up in 2019?

    If welding machines were edible, the Millermatic 211 would be a staple diet. Not only is it a highly-sought-after machine, its pricing makes it easily obtainable. With its affordable pricing, high quality and long list of features, the Millermatic 211 is often regarded as the best-selling MIG machine of all time. But the Millermatic 211 is no spring chicken. Its...
  8. Our Favorite Off-Road Modifications

    There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors without having to hike 20 miles in the blazing sun. That’s why man was graced with the off-road vehicle, the perfect solution to all your nature cravings. Of course, perfection could always use a little improvement. That’s why we asked you to send us your best welding projects. Here are a few of...
  9. What Recurring Costs Does Plasma Really Have?

    A big feather in the plasma cutter’s cap is how much less you have to spend in recurring costs compared to Oxy Acetylene. While this is definitely true, it’s repeated so often that some welders might believe plasma cutters don’t have consumable products at all. It’s time to nail down what recurring costs you should expect with a plasma cutter...
  10. Do You Really Become Less Productive in the Heat?

    Around this time of year, you’ll start hearing how “staying cool improves your productivity.” But is that just a common misconception or is there any real science to it? And if so, what is the most effective way to beat the heat? SCIENCE! There’s been a lot of research done about heat’s effect on the body. Turns out, heat really...

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