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  1. New ESAB Deals: What to Know

    New ESAB Deals: What to Know
    2019 is more than just another calendar for ESAB. They’ve entirely switched up their Burn and Earn Promotion including a brand new machine that’s set to release soon. Within the last few years, ESAB has become even more of a major player in the welding world with some of the most powerful and reliable machines on the market. Here’s a...
  2. Essential Cold Weather Welding Tips

    Essential Cold Weather Welding Tips
    Unless you’re lucky enough to call some sunny paradise your home, chances are you’re freezing your butt off right now. It’s so cold where we’re at, we saw a dog frozen to a fire hydrant. When the temperature drops, a lot of welders usually have 2 questions: Will the low temperatures hurt my machine and how will this affect my...
  3. The Most Popular Welding Memes

    The Most Popular Welding Memes
    Within any community you’ll find a sense of pride, loyalty and a clinically-insane amount of memes. This has never been truer than within the world of welding. In case you’ve somehow avoided being exposed to one of the strangest internet trends, memes are bumper-sticker phrases put over popular images. In fact, they’re basically bumper-stickers meant to be shared through social...
  4. Top Machines of 2018

    Top Machines of 2018
    December is the best time of year to be looking at a new machine as you’ll often find some incredible deals. Also, if a welding machine manufacturer is going to increase their prices, it usually happens at the beginning of the year. Throw in that extra bit of Christmas money and you can see why December is one of the...
  5. The Perfect Welder Gift Guide

    The Perfect Welder Gift Guide
    Gift buying with welders can get a little tricky. Your friends and family ask, “What can I get you for the Holidays?” Of course, you want something for welding. But you can’t just say “something for welding” or your sister will end up buying some random crappy gloves or skull cap filler material you won’t ever use. And what you...
  6. Multimatic 220: The Future of Multiprocess Machines?

    Multimatic 220: The Future of Multiprocess Machines?
    For welders who like to go between MIG, TIG and stick, multiprocess machines are a lifesaver. Hauling your TIG/Stick and MIG welders around your shop can be a huge pain and buying the same accessories for them all three (such as carts, covers, etc.) can feel redundant; hence the popularity of multiprocess machines. But the one issue multiprocess machines have...
  7. Power MIG 210 MP vs. Multimatic 215

    Power MIG 210 MP vs. Multimatic 215
    With huge rebates on both the Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP and Multimatic 215, people want to know how these two welders stack up. Both machines offer the ability to Stick, MIG or TIG weld, but which one does it better? Why multi-process machines? In determining which machine is best for you, ask yourself, “why do I want a multi-process...
  8. Preventing and Correcting Cracking

    Preventing and Correcting Cracking
    If you learned anything as a kid, it was to say “NO” to crack. It’s time we all took another look at those life-guiding words of wisdom. Because welding cracks are a common, yet incredibly serious issue. In fact, a crack can completely ruin the integrity of a weld, rendering it useless. For this reason, some industries go to incredible...
  9. What to know about the Millermatic 211

    What to know about the Millermatic 211
    With a $200 rebate available on the Millermatic 211 right now, we want to know: Does this highly praised machine really deserve all the fan fair it gets? It’s been hailed as possibly the best-selling MIG machine of all time, but how does it hold up when put to the test? Right out of the box, you’ll realize the Millermatic...
  10. Welding Halloween Decorations

    Welding Halloween Decorations
    It’s more than slasher movies, haunted houses and candy corn: It’s that time of year when making your own decorations really stands out. So let those creative juices flow like blood in an 80’s horror movie. This is when all those people who couldn’t make ice in a snowstorm look at your house and say, “I wish I could do...

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