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  1. The Most Popular Helmets (and Colors) In Welding

    We’re not going to fluff this up with phrases like “your helmet is an extension of your personality, nay your soul.” Because ultimately, your helmet has one job: keeping your peepers from getting burned outta your skull. But let’s face the facts, you’re usually wearing your helmet for several hours at a time. That means it’s gotta be comfortable and...
  2. What’s Up with Infinity Cubes?

    Within the past few months, there’s been a sudden wave of welders posting online images of strange, cube-like projects. These unique pieces are known as “infinity cubes.” While infinity cubes have been around for a while, their re-discovery and quick popularity has been surprising, making us wonder what’s up with these cubes and why do we like them so much...
  3. New Face of the Lincoln Ranger Series

    The Lincoln Ranger series is a staple of the welder/generator world. And while improvements have been made to the GTX 250 and other machines over the years, it’s a rare occasion for an entirely new machine to be released. A few weeks ago, Lincoln published this teaser video, hinting that something big was coming. Now we know this mystery machine...
  4. Pro-Tips for Working on Car Panels

    Society is more addicted to automobiles than any substance. Think about it, how much of your daily life is only possible because of modern transportation? Because of this, welders with the ability to work on vehicles have a very valuable skill. But it’s definitely not an easy area to break into. For all the welders who currently work on automobiles...
  5. To PAPR, or Not to PAPR

    We’ve all seen PAPR headgear. Those helmets with the tubes like your scuba diving on land. And yet, not a lot of welders know when or why you might need to use a PAPR. What the heck is a PAPR? A PAPR is essentially an electric-powered gasmask. It stands for “Powered Air Purifying Respirator.” This is the same technology that...
  6. Warm Weather Welding Project Ideas

    With one of the coldest winters in recent history, outdoor welding over the last few months has been as fun as a sharp stick in the eye. Now that winter’s bitter grip is loosening, it’s time to throw open the workshop doors and start thinking about all those warm weather projects. How all you need are a few ideas to...
  7. New ESAB Deals: What to Know

    New ESAB Deals: What to Know
    2019 is more than just another calendar for ESAB. They’ve entirely switched up their Burn and Earn Promotion including a brand new machine that’s set to release soon. Within the last few years, ESAB has become even more of a major player in the welding world with some of the most powerful and reliable machines on the market. Here’s a...
  8. Essential Cold Weather Welding Tips

    Essential Cold Weather Welding Tips
    Unless you’re lucky enough to call some sunny paradise your home, chances are you’re freezing your butt off right now. It’s so cold where we’re at, we saw a dog frozen to a fire hydrant. When the temperature drops, a lot of welders usually have 2 questions: Will the low temperatures hurt my machine and how will this affect my...
  9. The Most Popular Welding Memes

    The Most Popular Welding Memes
    Within any community you’ll find a sense of pride, loyalty and a clinically-insane amount of memes. This has never been truer than within the world of welding. In case you’ve somehow avoided being exposed to one of the strangest internet trends, memes are bumper-sticker phrases put over popular images. In fact, they’re basically bumper-stickers meant to be shared through social...
  10. Top Machines of 2018

    Top Machines of 2018
    December is the best time of year to be looking at a new machine as you’ll often find some incredible deals. Also, if a welding machine manufacturer is going to increase their prices, it usually happens at the beginning of the year. Throw in that extra bit of Christmas money and you can see why December is one of the...

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