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  1. What makes good penetration?

    What makes good penetration?
    Penetration: One of the most important, most innuendoed topics in all of welding history. In every new welder’s journey, there comes a point when they realize welding is more than just “sticking” 2 pieces of metal together like scotch tape. Welding is fusing material together to create a significantly stronger bond than you’d get if you were simply slapping filler...
  2. How to Dab

    How to Dab
    2017 saw the rise of a nightmarish dance move known as the “dab”. To be very clear, that’s not what we’re talking about. Dabbing in the welding world is one of the most common techniques used for TIG. Mastering the dab technique can provide your TIG arsenal with an incredibly valuable skill. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get...
  3. How to Be a Pipeline Welder

    How to Be a Pipeline Welder
    We’ve covered everything from space welders to working on oil rigs and yet we’ve never hit on one of the most aspirational positions in the industry. That’s because pipeline welding is a mine field just waiting to blow up our comment section. Pipeline welders are dedicated and often very opinionated. And the “how to’s” of pipe welding aren’t constant for...
  4. Understanding Grinding

    Understanding Grinding
    We tend to treat grinding like monkey work. For instance: When working in larger groups, often the lesser experienced welders are put in charge of grinding. But is that how it should be? Few experts will argue that grinding takes more precision and experience than welding does. But the idea that grinding is a task only fit for Neanderthals might...
  5. MIG Monkeys, Welding Robots and More

    MIG Monkeys, Welding Robots and More
    Sight. It’s an important part of welding. It’s so important, we’ve gone to great lengths to protect our eyes. Because sight helps us understand what we’re doing. It helps us comprehend our surroundings. Naturally, as welders, we often like to visualize. That’s tricky on a blog where words are your most accessible tool. To help bring our posts to life...
  6. Is Electric Shock Really an Issue in Welding?

    Is Electric Shock Really an Issue in Welding?
    For some welders, small electric shocks can be common occurrences. It begins to seem like a bunch of kids playing with an electrical fence. Sure it doesn’t feel great, but there doesn’t seem to be any serious consequences. Soon electric shock begins to feel more like an inconvenience than a danger you should take serious. This has led some welders...
  7. The Secret to Stopping Porosity

    The Secret to Stopping Porosity
    Imagine little metal termites eating through your weld, digging out craters and carving tunnels. Not only is that what porosity looks like, it’s a great visual of what it actually does to your welds’ integrity. Porosity is one of the most common and most dangerous welding mistakes made by welders every day. But with a few important steps, even beginner...
  8. End-Of-The-Year Buying Guide

    End-Of-The-Year Buying Guide
    With the end of the year comes a barrage of sweet deals on welding equipment and gear. It’s the perfect time to snag those machines you’ve been eyeing for the last 12 months. But most of these promos end December 31st meaning you don’t have much time left. Here’s a few of our favorite deals going on right now. Millermatic...
  9. Is There Really a Welding “Skills Gap”?

    Is There Really a Welding “Skills Gap”?
    Look us in the eyes and give us your honest opinion: Do you think welding is a dying career? What’s weird is that no matter what you say, you’d be right (at least, in part). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welding jobs are actually predicted to increase within the next 10 years. Despite this, it’s an undeniable fact...
  10. Top Welding Career Paths

    Top Welding Career Paths
    Over the years, we’ve featured a smorgasbord of different career paths a welder might choose. Some of these have been fairly normal, while others have been dangerous, surprising and down-right weird. Whether you’re an experienced welder or just beginning, it’s always fun to see the roads you might have taken or will take with your skills. Here’s a few of...

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