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Since 1975, Crown Alloys have worked their way to becoming a leading producer of premium alloys that make your welding process efficient and easy. Over the years, Crown Alloys Company has mastered the art of creating superior alloys for welders of any skill level. With a wide variety of quality alloys, Crown Alloys Co. has the alloy you need for your welding project.

Check out Welding Supplies from IOC’s variety of high strength Crown Alloys products today to suit your welding project needs. Offering aluminum, bronze, copper and steel, find the MIG wire in all different size spools to fit your welding job. The popular aluminum MIG wire has 99% pure aluminum and is used to join high purity aluminums. It is also used when a soft weld is wanted.  Additional Crown Alloys products offered from Welding Supplies from IOC include aluminum, steel and chrome-moly TIG tubes and boxes, brazing Rod in various types and sizes, and different types of electrode.

Welding Supplies from IOC offer a couple of Crown Alloy Company’s popular products. The Royal 120FC (flux coated) and Crown 120 (bare) are excellent alloys for building-up and joining carbon steels, alloy steels, cast iron and non-ferrous metals (except white metals). Because of their thin flowing characteristics, they may be used to replace more expensive silver alloys, when higher temperatures are acceptable. At low temperatures (1400°F-1600°F) the deposit has controlled fluidity which makes it ideal for surfacing and build-up of parts subjected to frictional wear. The Royal 120FC and Crown 120 are excellent build-up alloys as they work-harden with use. These alloys can be used to overlay and build-up bearings, shafts, valve seats, wedge bars and steering knuckles. The Royal 120FC and Crown 120 will outwear the original steel when used to build-up worn or broken gear teeth! At high temperatures (1650°F-1750°F) the Royal 120FC and Crown 120 becomes very thin flowing and will produce high strength joints with only .001” to .003” clearance. They can be used for close fitting joints on broken drills, mill cutters, furniture, bicycle assemblies, attaching carbide cutting tips and many other applications requiring high strength.

Welding Supplies from IOC has over 50 pages of listed Crown Alloys Company products for you to choose from. Finding a Crown Alloy Company product needed for the job will be no problem.

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