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Hobart Welders from Welding Supplies from IOC are suited for the weekend warriors and light industrial user working with steel, stainless steel or aluminum metals. Welding Supplies from IOC carries a wide variety of Hobart Welders that are perfect for maintenance, auto body, construction and more.

One of Hobart Welders’ flagship machines from Welding Supplies from IOC is the Hobart IronMan 230 MIG Wire Welder (500536). The Hobart Ironman delivers between 30-250 amps of power in a redesigned package designed to out perform other welders in its class. Welding Supplies from IOC offers FREE SHIPPING on the Hobart Iroman 230 to the lower 48 states.

Another popular Hobart Welder’s product from Welding Supplies from IOC is the Hobart Handler 125 MIG Ready Wire Welder. Operating off 115 volt household current, the Hobart Handler 125 MIG Ready Wire Welder (500495) from Welding Supplies from IOC comes ready to knock out job without the need of shielding gas thanks to the included .030 self-shielding flux cored wire. Thanks to the built in gas valve, all you need to do is add a regulator and you're ready to MIG weld with .023-.030 in. solid wire. Use C-25 gas on 24 gauge - 18 in steel for a cleaner weld with less spatter. Require 16-12 gauge stainless steel? Add tri-mix gas and stainless wire and you're in!

Welding Supplies from IOC brings you all of the latest Hobart Welders’ products to give you the absolute best welding experience possible. Using Hobart Welders’ products from Welding Supplies from IOC will make your welding projects easier and more pleasurable in the end.

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