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How is it that some of the greatest companies in the world have started out in someone's garage? The humble beginnings of Hypertherm started out in Dick Couch's nondescript, rather forgettable, two car garage. Luckily for all of us, those humble beginnings have evolved into the world leader in plasma cutting. Hypertherm's mission is simple: provide the best cutting solutions in the industry. Period. While it sounds much simpler than it is, Hypertherm is widely regarded as the undisputed champion of the world.

From day one, Hypertherm has been the leader in innovation; holding over 100+ patents and introducing more industry-changing features than all their competitors combined. To this day, Hypertherm boasts more engineers in their research and development division than anyone else in the industry. Whether you're looking for their entry-level Powermax30 AIR or their heavy-duty Powermax125, Welding Supplies from IOC offers the best that Hypertherm has to offer, along with a huge selection of Hypertherm accessories.

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