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Ever since Miller introduced Squarewave AC output technology in 1974, Miller TIG Welders have been creating high quality, spark and spatter free welds. While TIG is often considered the hardest process to master, Miller TIG Welders from Welding Supplies from IOC are being used in numerous applications where the look of the weld is imperative. Miller AC/DC TIG Welders can handle all metals including aluminum while their DC only TIG Welders are capable of TIG welding mild steel and stainless steel.

Welding Supplies from IOC recommends the Miller Maxstar series TIG Welders thanks to their ease of set up, superior arc control, and compact mobile designs. When it comes to welding Steel and Stainless Steel Alloys, the Miller Maxstar series is the way to go. These DC TIG Welders feature Miller's latest inverter technology allowing for outstanding "power per pound" performance. The Miller Maxster TIG Welders from Welding Supplies from IOC also offer a built-in gas solenoid; eliminating the need for a bulky gas valve on your TIG torch. Welders everywhere are choosing the Miller Maxstar Series for maximum efficient and quality welds.

For welders looking to TIG weld aluminum, Miller offers the Diversion, Dynasty and Sycrowave AC/DC line of TIG Welders. Aimed at the personal user, Miller's Diversion Series can handle your aluminum needs while remaining affordable, easy to set-up and simple to operate. The Diversion Series are great for use with automotive and motorsports applications. The Dynasty Division Series are applicable for maintenance/repair, while the Syncrowave Series are best-fit for Industrial Shop and Light Industrial Applications. Users in production environments tend to gravitate to the Dynasty and Syncrowave Series for their faster travel speeds, compact mobile designs and advanced technology.

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