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Just because they come from North Texas, doesn't mean the crew at Save Phace doesn't know how to have a good time. Their love for all things EXTREME comes shining through in their revolutionary design and killer helmet graphics. While still relatively young in the welding industry, Save Phace has been dominating the world of extreme face protection for years. Whether it's thrashing an ATV trail, dominating the paint ball field, or laying the perfect bead on your next welding project, Save Phace has the protection you demand.

When we first introduced Save Phace products, their innovative EFP (Extreme Face Protector) welding helmets were the first in the industry to offer an Auto Darkening Filter (shades 4/9-13 with Grind mode) that is integrated into a 180 degree lens design. While we were busy selling their Gen X and Gen Y helmets to the masses, Save Phace was busy pushing the limits of design. The result is their brand new RFP (Radical Face Protector) lens that offers 40 sqaure inches of viewing area and a 4 inch by 4 inch ADF integrated into a 180 degree welding lens giving you ear to ear vision when welding!

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