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  1. ESAB Fabricator 252I MIG, TIG, Stick Welder with Dual Cart and Spool Gun (W1004403)

    Two cylinder cart included. Cylinders are not.
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    $4,069.00 $2,995.00
  2. Thermal Arc Single Cylinder Cart for ESAB Rebel and Fabricators (W4015001)

    Single cylinder cart.
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    $437.00 $425.00
  3. Thermal Arc Basic Cart For ESAB Rebel and Fabricators (W4014700)

    Basic doesn't mean cheap. This bad body is built to last.
    5.00 Stars 1 Reviews
    $285.00 $265.00
  4. Thermal Arc TIG Torch Option For Fabricator 211i (W4014603)

    Consumables starter kit for your 211i
    5.00 Stars 3 Reviews
    $158.00 $155.00
  5. Thermal Arc Dual Cylinder Cart For Fabricator 252I (W4015002)

    Dual cylinder cart.
    5.00 Stars 2 Reviews
  6. Tweco Fabricator 252I TIG Torch (W4013600)

    Amperage Control on Torch.
    5.00 Stars 1 Reviews
    $240.00 $214.99
  7. Thermal Arc Foot Amp Control For Fabricator 141i, 181i, 211i, or 252i Am165-200 (600285)

    Need a TIG foot control? Take a look at this one.
    4.50 Stars 2 Reviews
    $208.00 $189.99
  8. Thermal Arc TIG Torch Option for Fabricator 141i and 181i (W4013802)

    Consumables starter kit for your 141i or 181i
    4.00 Stars 1 Reviews
    $145.00 $133.99
  9. ESAB ES 95i DC Stick Welder (W1003209)

    Versatile, multi-process Stick/TIG capability
    5.00 Stars 1 Reviews
    $390.00 $295.00
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For years now, Thermal Arc has been a national leader in manufacturing and distributing high performance welding equipment and accessories. Thermal Arc has all of the highest-quality welding supplies and equipment to give you the best welding experience every time. For all your MIG, TIG or Stick needs, Thermal Arc has the superior quality welding product you need to ensure your welding project has that professional finish your demand.

Welding Supplies from IOC offers a full line of premium Thermal Arc products. One of Thermal Arc’s flagship items that Welding Supplies from IOC offers is the Thermal Arc 95S Stick Welder (W1003202). The Thermal Arc 95s Stick Welder (No Tig Torch Included) (W1003202) is your choice for a lightweight, compact, and affordable Stick welder. Complete with one year warranty, this 115 VAC machine is ideal for home applications, utility/farm work, and maintenance and repair jobs. This Thermal Arc 95s comes with an inverter welding power source along with a versatile, multi-process Stick/TIG capability. It also features a high 95 Amp welding output with excellent, smooth & stable arc performance. Additional welding accessories are included to enhance and complete your welding experience.

Another quality Thermal Arc product brought to you by Welding Supplies from IOC is the Thermal Arc 161S DC Stick & TIG Welder with case (W1003603). The Thermal Arc 161S DC Stick & TIG Welder (W1003603) is designed for Stick and TIG Welding operations and provides a greater range of output for the advanced hobbyist or light industrial applications. The 161S is capable of delivering 110 Amps on 115 Volt circuits for Stick and TIG welding or 160 Amps when using 208-230 Volt. The 161S also features optimized hot start and arc-force circuits which deliver superior arc starting and control when you're Stick welding.

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