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Since 1957, Thermal Dynamics have been producing exceptionally innovative cutting products using the latest technology to give you the most precise, weld-ready cuts every time. Thermal Dynamics is an industry leader when it comes to Plasma Cutting. They are prized for their user-friendly, safe and effective company products and equipment. Thermal Dynamics has a machine for any application you're lookking for. Welding Supplies from IOC offers the full list of gouging tips, plasma shield cups and stand-off guides to heavy-duty plasma cutters and torches.

One of Welding Supplies from IOC's best selling plasma cutter is the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 Plasma System (1-5130-1). This plasma cutter has been designed with the idea that recommended cut capacity should also be the true cut capacity. Makes sense, doesn't it? This thinking eliminates the need to "buy up" or feeling like you have to buy a machine more powerful than you need. That means, when Thermal Dynamics say the Cutmaster 52 will cut one-half inch material, it will cut it all day, every day; no exceptions. The Cutmaster 52 is the most powerful and lightest weight 1/2 inch machine on the market today and the only system that offers the precision of the True Cut Drag Tip Series. The 60 Amp tip allows the system to drag cut up to 1/4 inch with ease, giving the absolute best cut quality possible on mild, stainless, or aluminum.

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