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Here at Welding Supplies from IOC, we strive to bring you the latest welding products and accessories, while keeping you safe at all times. No one wants to work in an unhealthy or unsafe working environment. Welding Supplies from IOC offers a full list of fume extraction products and accessories to keep you safe from harm when welding.

A couple of our more popular fume extraction products include the Lincoln 16’ Fume Extraction Hose, the Lincoln 12” SHM-300 Fume Extraction Suction Head and the Lincoln Miniflex NKC Gun Connector Nozzle Kit.

The NKC Gun Connector Nozzle Kit provides extraction capacity to standard welding torches. The NKT kit is for mounting the extraction hose on top of gun. The NKC kit is for circular extraction. Note: guns not included, sold separately.

The SHM-300 Fume Extraction Suction Head have aluminum suction heads and have a magnetic base. Attaches to any 1-3/4" extraction hose. It includes S2059107 Adaptor for 1-3/4” extraction hose. 12” Width. Best capture distance = 1-1/2”. It works with X-Tractor 1GC and Miniflex.

The Lincoln 16’ Fume Extraction Hose is made for longer hose applications. Flexible high temperature hoses with spring steel reinforcement are optional. The optional extraction hoses can be used to connect to or replace the already included hose with X-Tractor® 1GC or Miniflex® base unit. To ensure effective performance level, it is recommended that a maximum hose length of 45 ft. (15m) be used.

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