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Welding Supplies from IOC has a list of premium Miller Push & Pull Guns. Miller has a line of effective push and pull guns with the latest push-pull technology. Welding Supplies from IOC gives you only the highest-quality Push & Pull Guns on the market today. Our Push & Pull guns are suitable for beginners, weekend warriors and career welders.

For example, if you’re looking for a durable and reliable Push & Pull gun, check out the Miller 25’ XR-A Aluma Pro Gun (300001) offered by Welding Supplies from IOC. From the industry's most dependable line of push-pull welding guns, the XR-Aluma Pro series guns are professional-grade, featuring the highest duty cycle rating in its class.  The 25’ XR-A Aluma Pro Gun is fit for Heavy Industrial Applications and MIG processes. Its versatility allows capability of Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Cored wire types. Finally, its replaceable feed cable liner is designed to provide arc consistency & reduce service time, giving you a positive welding experience.  

The XR-Aluma-Pro Series is one of Miller’s flagship brands of Push & Pull Guns. The XR-Aluma-Pro is designed to be used with the SR-S/D Control, Millermatic 350P Aluminum or XR-AlumaFeed as part of a push-pull system. Use the XR-Aluma-Pro on Heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, trailers, shipbuilding and more. Offered in Air-cooled and water-cooled, find a Push & Pull gun suitable for your welding project today.

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