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Spot Welders

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Spot Welding is a widely-used form of welding that leaves quite a favorable finish. Miller has developed an exceptional line of spot welders that make spot welding projects efficient and easy. Most welders around are very pleased with their spot welding experience after using one of Miller’s signature Spot Welders. Miller has been a leading producer and distributor of Spot Welders for years with their superior-quality Spot Welder designs.   

One of Welding Supplies from IOC’s top-selling Spot Welders is the Miller LMSW-52T Air-Cooled Spot Welder with Timer (901357). The Miller LMSW-52T Air-Cooled Spot Welder with Timer is a lightweight unit that is portable, easy to operate and excellent for welding mild, galvanized or stainless materials. This Spot Welder includes a timer panel with a 0 to 5 second weld timer and power on/off switch, and comes with a 10ft. (3m) input power cord and 10ft. (3m)interconnecting cord. The timer panel can be mounted on the optional SWP-2 pedestal, or any other convenient location. LMSW Models weld up to 3/16 in (4.8 mm) total material thickness or two pieces of 16 gauge (3 mm) galvanized metal. Its hand lever locks tongs firmly on material, ensuring a positive, accurate fit-up.

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