ESAB VacPac 7018-1 Prime Stick Electrodes 4lb Pkg (5504XX30G0)

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The ESAB 7018-1 Prime stick electrodes provide high deposition rates and extra low moisture absorption. These provide excellent welding pool control, minimal spatter, good arc strikes, and easy slag removal. The VacPac (vacuum packaging) is a hermetically sealed package straight from the factory to you. These do not require re-baking or holding in rod ovens because the laminated, multi-layer aluminum foil is vacuum-sealed around a strong plastic inner box and effectively protects the electrodes against moisture re-absorption from the air.

These rods have an unlimited shelf life and do not require special warehouse conditions, provided they are handled with care and the foil is not damaged. VacPac also helps eliminate damage during shipping compared to metal cans, which can get dented in transit, compromising the quality of the electrodes. The safe exposure time for these electrodes is 12 hours after opening the VacPac with the foil left in place. For optimal security, it is recommended to take out only one electrode at a time.

Quick Specs
• Welding Current: AC/DC
• Alloy Type: Carbon Manganese
• Coating Type: Basic Covering
• Welding Position: All
• Yield Strength: 500 MPa (72.5 ksi)
• Tensile Strength: 590 MPa (85.6 ksi)
More Information
Brand ESAB
SKU IESB20200001
Manufacturer's Warranty Yes
Process Stick
Discontinued Product No
work as described 5 work as described
7018-1 5 Excellent Rod Very nice bead Slag pops off as it cools

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