3 Machines Every Stick Welder Should Know

3 Machines Every Stick Welder Should Know

Nothing is more frustrating than porous, spattery welds that seem to happen no matter what you do. This is often a huge issue specifically with Stick welders since a bad machine can pretty much counteract any technique or special preparations you make. If you’re fed up or ready to take your welding to the next level, these 3 machines are your solution.

Miller Maxstar 161

Miller Maxstar 161 S Stick Welder ($100 rebate right now)

Because of the way Stick welding works, often the best machines tend to have both TIG and Stick welding capabilities. If you ever plan on TIG welding, this is a huge advantage, especially considering how much you’ll save by not having to buy 2 separate machines. But there are those Stick purists out there who have no desire to TIG weld. In this case, a TIG/Stick machine is just adding extra functionality you don’t want. For those people, the Miller Maxstar 161 S is the perfect machine.

Having a dedicated stick machine means being able to put better focus on portability. The Maxstar 161 S only weight 13 pounds while still being able to output 160 A from a 240 V plug or 90 A from a standard 120 V house plug. While it can pack quite a bunch for its incredibly portable size, one of the best parts about the Maxstar 161 S is its reliable performance, even with difficult-to-run electrodes like E6010.

Miller also features a version of the Maxstar 161 with added TIG functionality. Like the Maxstar 161 S, there’s also a rebate promotion going on making right now the perfect time to think about a new machine.

Lincoln Squarewave 200

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200

While being one of the best-selling TIG machines on the market, the Square Wave’s Stick functionality definitely deserves more limelight. It offers the same reliability you’d find from using the Square Wave as a TIG machine. As a Stick machine, it’s incredibly easy to use. A single button can switch the machine between AC TIG, DC TIG and Stick, making the multi-purpose aspect totally seamless.

The extra functionality and power of the Square Wave does add some extra pounds, weighing in at 46 lbs. Compared to the 13 pound Maxstar 161 S, that’s pretty heavy. But as far as most welding machines go, the Square Wave is still considered quite portable.

If you’re a TIG welder or planning on trying it any time in the future, the Square Wave is definitely one of the smartest investments you can make. Not only do you get an incredibly reliable Stick Machine, you’ll own one of the best TIG machines on the market.


ESAB Renegade ES 300i ($200 Cash Back right now)

The Renegade makes most other Stick welders look like Fisher-Price playsets. Like the Lincoln Square Wave, the Renegade has Stick and TIG functionality. While the Renegade weighs only 33 lbs, it packs a ton of power. The upside of this is that you’ll have up to 300 A at your fingertips. The downside is that the Renegade needs an input voltage of 230 to 460 VAC meaning it won’t work with your standard North American power outlet. For welding machines of this caliber, that’s to be expected, but it’s still something you should know before you buy.

Beyond its awesome power, the Renegade provides steady, reliable performance. And for being a professional machine, its price point is really good, especially considering there’s a $200 cash back promotion going on right now. For more information on the ESAB Renegade ES 300i, click the button below!