Is The Lincoln Ranger 250 Gxt For You?

Is The Lincoln Ranger 250 Gxt For You?

This is a serious machine. We’re talking 600 pounds of engineered power. Its Professional level equipment: That means it’ll run all day, every day, while dealing with rough environments and fluctuating temperatures. Here’s an in-depth look into the capabilities and performance of the Lincoln Ranger 250 GXT.


First off, why not just get a regular generator rather than a welder/generator? Simple answer: Normal generators aren’t designed to run welders. For instance, newer generators often automatically throttle down their engines while idling in order to be more fuel efficient. While this doesn’t present a problem for working with continuously running items such as spot lights, it creates an issue for power-intensive machines that need to be turned on and off frequently. While your welding machine is off, a regular generator produces only a little bit of power. When you strike an arc, the generator has to take a moment to ramp back up to full power. So unless you never shut your machine off (terrible idea), you’ll find yourself constantly having to wait for your generator.

Most generators are also not designed to handle power-intensive machinery. Your average heavy-duty, dual-head work light uses about 1,000 watts. It’s not uncommon for welders to use up to 10,000 watts at peak times. That’s why the Lincoln Ranger 250 GXT was built to supply 10,000 watts continuously and 11,000 watts peak single-phase AC power. That’s enough to run most of your equipment at full power without a hitch or multiple machines (welder and a grinder or spotlight) at medium power-usage.

Lastly, welder/generators have the benefit of being both a generator and welder. With a few additional items, the Lincoln Ranger 250 GXT can MIG, TIG (DC only), stick and flux-core weld just as good as a stand-alone welding machine.

Be aware that you’re not going to be carrying this beast to the jobsite under your arm: 600 pounds at a height of 29.9 inches, 21.5 inches wide and 42.3 inches deep. Unless you’re a world-class weight lifter, you’re going to need a truck and/or cart to haul around this workhorse.

If you’re looking for a reliable welder/generator that’ll get the job done, now is the best time to shop. Currently there’s a massive promotion for a $700 cash rebate on the Ranger 250 GXT. Or if you prefer, you can get a free Activ8® Self-Shielded One-Pak® Portable Wire Feeder Package (K3678-1) valued at $2,612 instead of the rebate. Click the button to shop the best price on the web and make sure you join the IOC loyalty program for even more savings.