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Lincoln Ranger 260 Mpx: Yeah, It’s A Big Deal

Lincoln Ranger 260 Mpx: Yeah, It’s A Big Deal

If you have a welder/generator or have even remotely considered getting one, Lincoln just released some big news in the form of the Ranger 260 MPX. This comes hot on the heels of the Ranger 330 MPX, a game-changing machine that Lincoln released just earlier this year.

Why is the 260 MPX such a big deal?

The 330 MPX might have been a game-changer, but it’s also a lot of power, more than many welders need. For someone needing a welder/generator in the 250 amp range, it can be difficult to justify the extra cost for power they don’t need. The 260 MPX offers all the benefits of the 330 MPX, but in an amp range more in line with the Ranger 250 GTX. Infact, the Ranger 250 GTX and the new Ranger 260 MPX currently have the exact same price!

Lincoln is clearly giving fans of the Ranger 250 GTX another strong option. It’s not known if both machines will continue to have the same price or even if the 260 MPX could possibly replace the 250 GTX one day, but the fact of the matter is that the 260 MPX comes with an impressive array of features and some serious specs.

First off, let’s talk about the size. The 260 MPX takes up 30% less space than similar models. It’s also 25% lighter, coming in at just 446 pounds. That’s incredible considering many of the welder/generators still being used require a forklift to move around.

Besides size, you might notice the MPX has a number of noise-insulating panels inside the case. This (along with a few other improvements) has allowed the 260 MPX to be one of the quietest machines in its class. For professionals, the MPX is the ideal option. You’ll be able to work near hospitals or early in the morning when the outside temperature is a lot more bearable.

As far as features and capabilities, the 260 MPX boasts a significant jump. Even compared to the 250 GTX, you’re looking at an additional 10 amps of power (not even considering other feature improvements).

User-Friendly Focus

The 260 MPX features an LCD screen. No longer will you have to deal with an army of complicated knobs and buttons. It's “Ready.Set.Weld.” technology brings the ease of auto-set to welder/generators. This alone is a good reason to consider the 260 MPX. Incorrect settings are still the #1 cause of problems that we see, even amongst experienced welders. Of course, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, most settings can still be adjusted manually to fine tune your preferred parameters.

On top of all this, you’ve also got Lincoln’s Chopper Technology which significantly helps with easy starts and consistent arcs. All this together and you’re looking at the best welding experience of your life.

For more on the Lincoln Ranger 260 MPX as well as the best price around, check out the full list of details here.