Welding Halloween Decorations

Welding Halloween Decorations

It’s more than slasher movies, haunted houses and candy corn: It’s that time of year when making your own decorations really stands out. So let those creative juices flow like blood in an 80’s horror movie. This is when all those people who couldn’t make ice in a snowstorm look at your house and say, “I wish I could do that.”
So why not go all out this year? Here are some pro tips for creating the perfect Halloween decorations that’ll really get everyone into that spooky spirit.

Best Time for Beginners

If you pay attention during Halloween, you’ll notice even most professional decorations look quite rough around the edges. If you’re new to welding or intimidated by making decorative pieces, this is the perfect time of year to start. So what if your project looks a little warped? It doesn’t matter that your pumpkin stand turned out to look like the deformed spawn of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Heck, it’s supposed to be terrifying.

Cutting for Easy Ideas

If you’re searching for a few impressive ideas that are quick and easy, you might think about using a cutting tool. You can turn any sheet of scrap metal into a haunting silhouette with this method. Just trace a design onto your piece and use a grinder or plasma cutter to cut it out. There are other cutting methods you could use but you’ll have a difficult time trying to beat the clean cuts you get from a plasma cutter. Pro tip: Right now, you can get a rebate for up to $700 off select Lincoln Plasma Machines.

No Sharp Edges

While everything during Halloween should look like it’ll decapitate you, nothing actually should. The last thing you want is for some little trick-or-treater to lose a finger on one of your decorations. Just make sure you grind down any sharp edges to avoid unnecessary flesh tearing.

Think Beyond Metal

There’s a whole lot you can do with just a handful of scrap metal and a welder. But when you start thinking outside the box, an exponential world of possibilities is opened up. For instance, check out these clever little pumpkin stands:

By combining metal and inexpensive Halloween decorations, you can create some pretty incredible effects. For instance, you can create a really cool moving silhouette by welding a frame, hanging some old sheets from it and using a projector. That’s similar to what we did here since these windows don’t normally have curtains:

What other ideas or tips and tricks do you have? Let us know in the comment section below. Why not keep those creative juices bubbling with our article on creating your own Christmas Decoration and gifts? Click the button below to read more!