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Are New Year’s Resolutions Bad For Welders?

Are New Year’s Resolutions Bad For Welders?

Geez, seems like an obvious question. Goals are always a good thing, right? According to a recent study, only 8% of people accomplish their New Year’s resolution. If 92% of your welds failed, you’d be out of a job. New Year’s resolutions as we know them aren’t necessarily bad, but for most of us, they aren’t much of anything. In fact, another study found that 32% of people have given up on them altogether, purposely choosing not to set New Year’s resolutions anymore.

Here’s the thing: Resolutions are important, especially for welders. Our work is essential. But the literal grind of the day-to-day can feel repetitive for some. Resolutions are the perfect way to add some much needed sense of progress and accomplishment. In order to be worthwhile though, you have to choose a goal that you actually want to do.

Resolutions have to be personal. But as humans, we do tend to follow patterns. Here’s a list of the top resolutions for welders:

Be safer/healthier

Welders are like a professional athlete. A serious injury can be career ending. Getting into shape is a good thing, but so is staying in one piece. The most common injury for welders is to their eyes. And yet, every day, people are posting images of themselves welding with only a pair of sunglasses. UV rays equal painful death. Just cover up: Face, hands, arms and other important bits. It’s not worth the sunburns or a slow death from cancer.

Save More Money

Here’s an easy resolution. Online shops like Welding Supplies from IOC don’t have to pay for a fancy storefront like your brick and mortar locations. We take those savings and pass them on to you. Our prices are the best and you’ll get all the same helpful service. For example, just buying consumables online can save you a heap of change over the year. We’ve got some of the best shipping in the industry. With just a little bit of pre-planning, you can easily knock this goal out of the park.

Learn a New Skill

Progressing your expertise is the best way to open new doors. Do you know how to weld aluminum? Have you tried plasma cutting? Is it time to attempt TIG? Unfortunately, new skills require new equipment. Before you buy, make sure that you’re getting the very best price. With our loyalty program, you get points on every purchase that can be used for free equipment.

Get a New Job

Sometimes you just need a fresh start. Occasionally, new jobs fall out of the sky. Most of the time they don’t. Industry researchers have found that companies are desperate to hire skilled welders who know what they’re doing. Because of this, you might have to focus on your skills before you land that dream spot. But the simple fact is that the demand for skilled welders is only expected to grow.

Looking for the right job can be a daunting process. Try splitting it up into smaller goals. Find out what skills you need and what certifications they usually require. Then focus on meeting those demands.

No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, we’ve got everything you need to succeed at the best prices. Make sure you check out all of IOC’s newest deals here.