The Bobcat 265: The Next Generation of Welder/Generators

The Bobcat 265: The Next Generation of Welder/Generators

If the old Bobcat series was the best thing since sliced bread, then the next-generation Bobcat 265 is the best thing since happy hour. Miller’s Bobcat series has always been a legend—and now that legend’s been redefined with a new machine that’s better than ever before. Heck, we’d say it’s actually even better than happy hour!

With all the great features of the previous generations of Bobcat engine-driven machines, the latest and greatest 265 is designed to take on more jobs with higher capability—not to mention being faster and easier to set up than ever.

Wondering what else the 265 does to revolutionize the welder/generator world? In this article, we’ll cover every improvement coming from Miller.


More Capable Than Ever

The next-gen Bobcat 265 goes well beyond most engine-driven welders: It has separate weld and auxiliary power. This allows you to have full auxiliary power at any setting without having to worry about power spikes.

With more and more products being fabricated with aluminum, the new Bobcat 265 is actually able to directly connect to a spool gun without needing something like a Miller Weld Control unit.


Miller’s so confident in how well the Bobcat 265 performs, that it comes with a free True Blue Warranty. It’s known as the best coverage in the industry—and it means you can sleep easy at night knowing that your Bobcat 265 is well-covered!


Easier Setup Than Ever

The new Bobcat 265 is over 100 pounds lighter than previous versions, and smaller, too! That means it takes up less room in the truck and is easier to move.

When you get your machine in place to set it up, the process there is speedier, too. The next-gen Bobcat 265 has a brand-new digital interface that uses Auto-Set™ Technology. It makes weld parameter setup easier and more accurate—even when you’ve got the new guy doing it!


Better Welding Than Ever

What good’s an engine-driven welder if it doesn’t weld well? Besides a doorstop—not much! Luckily, the Bobcat 265 is a top-of-the-line welder in addition to all of its other awesome capabilities. It provides uncompromised stick arc performance that creates smooth and super-stable welds. The Bobcat 265 can help you get the best welding results, every time. Plus, it uses both the 7018 and 6010 electrodes, which gives you more options in your welding!

But hey—don’t take our word for it. Check out the Bobcat 265 today and see for yourself!