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The Ultimate Review of the Square Wave TIG 200

Flagships: Some people think they’re just cursed. The Titanic was the flagship meant to change how we traveled the seas. The Hindenberg was a flagship meant to change how we traveled the skies.

So when the Square Wave TIG 200 was introduced as the flagship of Lincoln’s consumer TIG machines, it felt like they might be tempting fate. But now that the Square Wave TIG 200 has been out for quite a while, we’d like to look back on how it’s stood the test of time. Has the Square Wave changed how we TIG weld, or did it metaphorically hit an iceberg and sink to the bottom of the ocean?

The Rise of Aluminum

The need for a quality AC/DC TIG machine is more important now than ever before. While aluminum has always been a commonly used material, it’s being applied in more and more fabrications every day. For instance, automobile manufacturers have begun to significantly increase the amount of aluminum used in their vehicles. The same is true for trailers and more.

Part of the reason for this is that aluminum is lightweight, meaning it offers potential energy-saving benefits. It also doesn’t rust or rot like steel or wood.

The downside of aluminum is that it can be a pain to weld. By far, the best process to use is AC TIG welding. However, in the past welding manufacturers have found it challenging to build a quality, consistent AC TIG welding machine. This is why, even today, very few multi process machines include AC TIG (except for the Miller Multimatic 220 and the ESAB Rebel 205ic).

One of the benefits of the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 is that it handles AC TIG welding like a champ. It uses high frequency starting tech, which allows for a cleaner, more consistent weld from start to finish. The Square Wave also has an incredibly user-friendly process for choosing the right settings. Since heat has a stronger impact on aluminum than steel, this really helps ensure you have the right parameters for the job and aren’t ruining your material.

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With the increased usage of aluminum, the Lincolns Square Wave TIG 200 is even more relevant now than it has ever been before.



Remember Google Glass? It was supposed to be a pair of high-tech glasses that would replace your phone and computer, giving you everything you needed right in front of your eyes. People said it would completely change the way we interacted with the world.

Today, no one has Google Glass. All its fancy bells and whistles couldn’t stand up to the test of time.

If you’re potentially looking at the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 today, you’re in a unique position to know how well it has held up. Unlike Google Glass, the Lincoln Power MIG has turned out to be far more than just hype. It’s become a favorite machine within the welding world and is often one of our best-selling TIG machines each year.
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A big reason for this is that the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 just works well. For instance, its smooth, stable arc technology (which is how it got the name “Square Wave”) performs incredibly. It’s so easy to use that you almost forget it’s there until you try and weld with any other type of machine. The same can be said with the user-friendly setup features — They just work.


Skilled At What It Does

With the rise of multi-process welders over the last decade, some people have wondered if dedicated machines are a thing of the past. The answer to that question really depends on your goals as a welder. Let us explain.

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 is really good at what it does: TIG welding. In fact, as far as consumer machines go, it might even be the best dedicated TIG welder. It can weld basically anything from Chromoly to 3/16" steel or aluminum. If you’re primarily TIG welding, this machine is your Excalibur.
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It’s also worth noting that the Square Wave can also stick weld. While it performs incredibly well as a stick welder, if you’re considering a machine like this, you’re probably going to be using it for TIG welding a majority of the time.

If you aren’t primarily a TIG welder, you might want to consider the ESAB Rebel 2015ic or the Miller Multimatic 220. Both of these machines can stick, MIG and AC/DC TIG weld.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a dedicated TIG machine, you won’t be disappointed in the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200. Not only has it stood the test of time, its ability to effectively weld aluminum means it’s more useful now than ever.

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