Avoiding The Summer Slowdown

Avoiding The Summer Slowdown

Old man winter might make welding difficult, but summer has its own challenges. While the warm weather melts away the snow and makes it easier to weld in open spaces, the heat can be miserable.

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that heat causes your body to slow down. It’s a survival instinct to regulate your internal temperature, making for some seriously long and tedious days. Luckily, we’re not cavemen anymore, constantly at the mercy of the weather. Here’s some of the best ways to beat the summer slow down.


Lightweight, Light-Colored Clothing

Everyone was told in elementary school that dark colored items get hotter than lighter colors. But rarely does this knowledge seem like it gets put to the test. For instance, would a sports team ever choose their jersey color based on staying warm or cool? Or when was the last time someone you know chose their car color based on temperature? Does it really make that much of a difference?

Actually yes. In the example of the car, you can see how much effect it has in the video below.


Using a thermal camera, it’s possible to visually compare the white car and the black car. In fact, after a day in the desert sun, the white car was 33 degrees (fahrenheit) cooler than the black. The exact same thing happens with your welding clothing and protective gear.

Besides color, thickness also plays a role in how hot your clothing makes you. The problem, of course, is that thickness also offers protection. Similar to how chromoly has the same strength as steel but with less weight, so too do various types of protective fabric. If you’re looking to decrease bulk but keep your same level of protection, check out our summer protective clothing from your top brands, including Revco Black Stallion and more.



Every good welder knows that the first order of business is blocking UV rays. And not just from your arc, but the sun as well. If you’re spending long hours outdoors, you’re either going to end up looking like Leatherface or a lobster.

While clothing is good for blocking UV rays, this causes the fabric to heat up and cook you like a hardboiled egg. If at all possible, try to block the sunshine before it gets to you. In fact, this is the very reason that Revco Black Stallion has come out with a series of industrial-grade umbrellas. Their durable fabric means they were built to withstand a hard day’s work.


Turning Up The AC

Even blocking the sun won’t do much if you’re welding in Louisiana or any other humid state. What you need is a portal air conditioning unit. Luckily, there’s multiple ways of getting the cold air to you, no matter where you are.

The best option is a SAR system or Supplied Air Respirator. It’ll pump air into your helmet that’s been cooled as low as 50 degrees fahrenheit. Imagine always welding at a comfortable temperature, no matter how hot your surroundings get. That is when you know you’ve made it in life.

The downside to SAR systems is the cost. For some welders, they just can’t justify the price tag. A few years ago, Miller came out with the perfect solution. Their Coolbelt can help you beat the summer heat and cost quite a bit less than a SAR system.

Whether it’s lighter clothing, umbrellas or PAPR systems, you’ll always find the best price with Welding Supplies from IOC. Make sure you check our store before you go anywhere else and make the smartest decision.