Best Welding Ideas For Beginners

Best Welding Ideas For Beginners

For beginners, welding can often seem like an overly complicated and perplexing task. There are different welding techniques, different types of welding machinery, and so many different pieces you could begin to weld. However, by starting out with a few simple projects, beginners can build up their skills and learn how welding doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s best to start out with projects that involve old metal objects you may have laying around in a garage like horseshoes, wrenches, or chain links. Here are some simple projects that will help you hone your skills as well as create something useful and unique!

Horseshoe Projects

Horseshoes are versatile for welding because they are incredibly stable and easy to find in scrap yards or can be bought in bulk inexpensively. It’s simple to turn horseshoes into rustic household items like a wine bottle holder, a toothbrush stand, or even a key rack.

Wrench Projects

Have an old wrench that’s worn out and no longer fit for its original use? We’ve found some great beginner projects that utilize wrenches to form coat racks, book ends, and even door handles. Add some of that great industrial feel of your garage or workspace to other rooms in your house.

Chain Link Welding Projects

For great metal aesthetic and captivating, useful art pieces, find some old chain link sections and weld them together to form candle holders, gravity defying wine bottle holders, or a “metal” stand for your guitar. This is a little more tedious of a process than welding flat metal pieces, but is still within range for a beginner and is a great learning process.