Climate Control Your Face

Climate Control Your Face

Scorching metal well beyond its boiling point takes more heat than the devil himself could handle. Throw a giant, air-trapping steel cage over your head and you’ve got your own personal inferno. Because of this, I was intrigued by Miller’s new Infinity Helmet promotion with a free CoolBand™ II. It originally made me wonder: Does it really work to strap a mini-swamp cooler to your head while welding? Every time I think about it, I imagine the scene below. Wouldn’t that be kinda… heavy?


Good news everybody, this is nothing like how the CoolBand II actually looks (or works). Though if you’re looking for an alternative, the above image might be the next best thing. CoolBands actually fit comfortably around your head, not on top of it. They’re also incredibly light so your neck won’t feel tired after a couple of hours.

CoolBand II

Looking at the reference photo above, you might be tempted to wonder if blasting air onto the back of your neck really helps. Here’s the sweet part. A CoolBand has a tube that pushes air from the back fan to the front of your face. The air then comes out of vents in the front, circulating the air on the top of your head and around your face and neck. The combined effect of all of this can make the environment around inside your mask up to 8 degrees cooler.

There’s another innovating thing about a CoolBand. It doesn’t just chill the air in your helmet, it circulates it. That means a constant supply of fresh, clean, cold air.


Check out the video below to learn even more details about Miller’s CoolBands. Remember, if you buy a new Infinity Helmet before June 30th, you can get a free CoolBand II after mail-in rebate.