Getting Rewards and Free Welding Gear

Getting Rewards and Free Welding Gear

Any of you financially savvy welders know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. So how can Welding Supplies from IOC just give away free gear and discounts with their rewards program? How does that work?

In this post, we’ll explain exactly how the rewards program functions and how you can maximize what you get out of it. By the end, you’ll see exactly why the only “catch” is if you don’t use the program.

Loyalty Is Its Own Currency

Science has long ago proved that you can’t get something out of nothing. So how can you really get free gear if joining the loyalty program is also free? Because, loyalty has its own worth.


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IOC knows that getting a customer to return is the best way to run a business. Happy customers tell their friends about the company through word of mouth. Returning customers purchase items without having to be advertised to, and they create long-term stability for the company. Because of that, IOC wants to invest in long-term relationships with our customers. It’s why we give back to you with the rewards program and also why we’ve dedicated ourselves to having the best customer service out of any online welding store.

So if you tend to be suspicious of companies, you should be more suspicious if a company doesn’t have a loyalty program. After all, Why wouldn’t they want to encourage repeat customers unless they don’t plan on being there for you in the long term?


How Does It Work?

Joining IOC’s rewards program is free. Again, your loyalty has worth (as described above), so IOC is investing in a long-term relationship. All you have to do is sign up which takes about 2 minutes. Just make sure you use a legitimate email address so you can access your account.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll get 100 points just for signing up. You’ll also get points on every purchase you make at Welding Supplies from IOC. But what are points good for? Free stuff and discounts on your purchases!


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To use your points, make sure you’re logged in. Then place an item in your cart. When you go to check out, you’ll see the option to apply your points towards your order. Depending on the number of points you have, you can completely pay for a product with your points or reduce the price of the item. The only exclusion is Hypertherm products, which can’t be discounted or purchased with points.


How Do Point Tiers Work?

Alright, we’ve covered why the main benefit of a rewards program is to offer an incentive for someone to repeatedly use IOC as their main online welding store. You do get a bonus the first time you make an account, but the biggest gain you’ll see is from using your account long-term. In the beginning, you won’t start in any tier. But by spending just $1, you’re automatically placed in the “Hobby Welder” tier for the next 12 months. Once you’re in the hobby tier, you’ll receive 4x the amount of points for every purchase you make.


Tier examples


At any time, you can see your current tier by signing in and navigating to the “account” page. This also shows how close you are to the next tier.

Once you’ve spent $5,000 or more within a 12-month period, you’ll be placed in the “Pro Welder” tier. This means 500 bonus points plus you’ll get 5x points for every purchase. For many career welders and even a lot of hobbyists, you can reach this tier just by purchasing your everyday job items from IOC. Beyond the Pro Welder tier, IOC also has the “Master Welder” tier: Spend $15,000 in 12 months and get 1000 bonus points plus 6x points.

By simply using Welding Supplies from IOC as your main online store, those points can add up fast on purchases you were going to make anyway. There’s no cost to sign up for the program, so the only downside is simply not using it to your benefit.

Besides simply signing in when you make purchases, there are a few extra ways you can earn bonus points. These include leaving a review on any purchase, sharing IOC on Facebook and more.


Challenges for extra points.



Not Like Other Loyalty Programs

Airlines are famous for offering loyalty programs that are exceptionally hard to redeem. If you’ve ever had to deal with “blackout dates,” you know what we mean.

IOC’s program is the exact opposite of that. Besides Hypertherm products, our loyalty program covers almost everything. And unlike some suppliers that make you choose between manufacturer rebates or earning points, IOC gives you both. That means if you want to take advantage of some of the new rebates like Build with Blue, you’ll get points on your purchase, plus you can still apply for the rebate. Essentially, you can stack savings on savings. You get all this by simply signing up and using IOC for your online welding purchases.

At IOC, we offer the best customer service and prices available. Why not take advantage of your purchases by earning points to redeem for free products or discounts? It’s simply a no-brainer and a smart way for us to invest in our loyal customers. Click here to join IOC’s loyalty program for free today!

*Resellers are excluded from the IOC loyalty program.