Holiday Welding Projects

Holiday Welding Projects

Staying busy during the coldest months is essential for surviving the winter. As the sun sinks away, it can often become easy to focus on the darkness. What you need is the bright glow of your arc, hard at work for the holidays. And what better way to get in the Christmas spirit then a look at some of our favorite holiday projects sent to us by welders like you?

Horseshoes and Wine

It feels like a strange coincidence that horseshoes are the perfect shape for hanging ornaments and holding bottles. Heck, they probably sell more horseshoes for welding projects then they do horses.

Not only do horseshoes have a certain level of rustic charm, they’re incredibly easy to use. Most are made from low-carbon mild steel, meaning just about any welding process can be used. The material is often not treated with protective coats like zinc. This makes prepping the shoes for your welds quick and simple.


Family and friends often visit during the holidays. The unavoidable question will always come up, “How’s welding going?”

It’d be great to show rather than tell. And what better way to exhibit your skills then a sweet holiday decoration to greet your guest at the door.

Santa’s Mailbox

Letters to Santa are a fundamental part of the holiday experience. In fact, the post office receives millions of letters for the North Pole, every year. This fun little side project is a great way to make some kid’s Christmas while silently flexing your impressive welding skills. It’s the perfect win-win for everyone.

And Christmas Trees?

Fabricating a piece designed to look organic from metal is one heck of a difficult task. Some welders like to use wire for the pine needles, only to realize they’ve created a spikey death tree that can’t go anywhere near children. This combination of rebar and fake fir branches is a clever way to create your own Christmas tree.

No matter what you’re next project will be, having the right tools for the job will make or break it. Luckily, the holiday time is the best season to save big with great deals on all your favorite brands. To get the best price online, check out what welding supplies from IOC has to offer.