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Hypertherm Joins The Ioc Family

Hypertherm Joins The Ioc Family


We’re like the Godfather. The brands we sell are more than just brands, they’re family. And we’re very picky about family. You ain’t gonna find any unreliable, useless bums here unless they want a horse head in the bed! So trust us when we say, Hypertherm is a brand we’re more than happy to stand by. There’s a reason Hypertherm makes some of the leading plasma cutting equipment in the world.

Hypertherm has been around almost 50 years. That means they’re an original pioneer in plasma cutting. Every piece of equipment has been created with decades of research and experience.

This experience and innovation is what allows their products to cover a variety of needs. After all, you want a reliable plasma cutter that’ll get the job done without breaking your bank in operation costs. If you haven’t looked at a plasma cutter in the last 5 years, the vast leaps that have been made since then will blow your mind all over your screen. So get some wet wipes and check out Hypertherm’s full line here.