Power Mig 215 Mpi: A Sequel To Lincoln’s Legend

Power Mig 215 Mpi: A Sequel To Lincoln’s Legend

The Power MIG 210 MP is considered Lincoln’s premier multi-process machine and a favorite among the welding community. Simply put, it’s reliable, capable and works with a range of applications and skill levels. Now, Lincoln has introduced a brand new machine that feels both like a sequel to the Power MIG 210 and maybe even a replacement. Here’s why you’ll want to know about the NEW Lincoln Power MIG 215 MPI.

Redo Or Part Two?

There are some questions as to whether this new machine is meant to replace the Power MIG 210 or simply be the next tier up. The new Power MIG 215 does come with some improvements over the 210:

Most notably, the new 215 can output up to 220 amps (why they called it the 215 instead of 220 is anyone’s guess), while the Power MIG 210 can only output 210 amps. That extra 10 amps of power comes at no additional weight, with both machines clocking in at 40 pounds. While they’re the same weight, the new Power MIG 215 includes 3 handles on the top, making it more maneuverable to lug around when compared to the 210 model.

Besides the increased output, the new 215 MPI includes a few more of Lincoln’s most recent innovations. For instance, the new Power MIG 215 features a more robust screen display and settings system. This allows you to store up to 4 custom settings. It’s actually an awesome quality-of-life feature; allowing you to jump between processes while saving your fine-tuned settings. By saving your settings in the machine, you can instantly pull back up those parameters with a click of a button.

The 215 MPI also features an all-metal wire drive with enclosed drive rolls. It’s a feature more common with industrial machines and can really improve the longevity of your investment. While Lincoln machines are always incredibly reliable, the quality of construction that went into the new 215 MPI feels remarkably solid.

The Plot Thickens

While the features and increased output of the new 215 MPI makes it seem like it was meant to be a tier up from the Power MIG 210, their prices are the exact same. Both machines currently go for $1,999. That being said, at the time of this posting (Sept 2022), Lincoln is currently giving a $400 rebate on the power MIG 210 MP. So technically, the Power MIG 210 MP is still cheaper until Lincoln’s rebate ends. In other words, if you’re looking to specifically get the Power MIG 210 MP, now is the time! Please note, Lincoln hasn’t set an end-date for this rebate, so it could very well end tomorrow if you don’t jump on it.

Once Lincoln’s rebate on the Power MIG 210 MP ends, it’s unclear how the dynamic between the 210 MP and the new 215 MPI will play out. While most welders will be more familiar with the 210 MP, you’re getting more power output and better improvements for the same cost if you go with the 215 MPI instead.

The Votes Are In

At the end of the day, both Lincoln’s Power MIG 210 and the new Power MIG 215 MPI are incredible machines. While the 215 might not yet have the legacy of the 210, welders are already giving positive reviews of the new machine.

Check out the new Power MIG 215 MPI here and see the details for yourself. As we mentioned, the rebate for Power MIG 210 still makes it an incredibly enticing offer. However, that rebate won’t last much longer, so make sure you act now.