Rebate Deals Are Ending, What’s Next?

Rebate Deals Are Ending, What’s Next?

March might have marked the end of Build with Blue, but there are still plenty of savings to be had. To be very clear, most major welding manufacturers are not, at the moment, planning on renewing their rebate programs (besides the new Earn and Burn spring promo). However, IOC is committed to helping you get the very best price possible with our own promotions. As a company with over 100 years of experience, we’ve been looking out for our customers through more than one worldwide crisis.

$100 Off Any Helmet with Purchase of a New Machine Over $1,000

Get the helmet you’ve always wanted while paying the same price as the helmet you would have settled on! It’s the perfect way to move up a notch.

The newest helmets make Iron Man’s head gear look like a child’s plaything. For instance, Miller’s new Infinity helmets now feature their ClearLight technology. Through various forms of witchcraft that we explain here, these lenses reduce much of the awful green tint that has plagued welding helmets for a century. This reduces eye fatigue and increases your ability to see what in the world you’re doing.

If you don’t bleed blue, Lincoln has a similar feature for their new Viking series called 4C (which also increases viewing area).

$100 off even includes the much coveted Optrel Crystal 2.0 helmet and ESAB’s Sentinel. Use code: HOOD100 with purchase of any machine over $1,000.


Welder/Generator Deals

We kid you not, leads are the most frustrating thing when you buy a new welder/generator. Everyone forgets that most welder/generators don’t come with their own leads until they’re excitedly preparing to use their new machine for the first time. It’s become such an issue, we’re literally giving you a free pair of leads. And we’re not talking about some old leads we found in the storage shed, these puppies would cost you $260 to buy separately. Use Code: FREELEADS


If you haven’t had a chance to check out Miller’s welder/generators in a while, you owe it to yourself. We’ve done in-depth reviews on both the Trailblazer and the Bobcat series, looking at our favorite features and comparing which one might be right for you.

Lincoln welder/generators also have their own promotion: A free 3350 Black Welding Helmet. These helmets are some of the best on the market, with better visibility, better colors, impressive battery life and 4 arc sensors so you never accidently flash yourself. Use code: FREE3350 with purchase of any Lincoln Ranger welder/generator.


50% Off Safety Paks

More than ever, safety is a huge concern right now. The healthcare system is being stretched thin. You do not want to be visiting your doctor (or the emergency room) any time soon. Some states are also requiring welders to use more advanced protective gear, including PAPR systems.

To help you stay safe out there, we’ve got a special IOC-only discount of 50% off any safety pak with a purchase of $3,000 or more. These paks have just about everything you need from helmets to protective jackets to gloves. Use code: PAK50