Should You Buy A Trailblazer?

Should You Buy A Trailblazer?

The Trailblazer has always been an appropriate name for one of Miller’s top welder/generators as it has introduced a number of innovations to the engine driven game. But how does the Trailblazer hold up in 2020? What should you expect with the Trailblazer compared to other welder/generators?

2020’s Big Change

Engine driven machines offer a huge advantage, allowing you to weld basically anywhere. But even with significant improvements to their size, welder/generators are still quite hefty. Most welders rely on long cords from their machine to the workpiece. This can make adjusting settings a nightmare as you're constantly having to walk back and forth. It gets significantly worse if you’re working from a lift or any elevation where you have to return to ground level to change your weld parameters.

For years, welders have been begging for a practical solution. To solve this, Miller has come up with a number of options. Most recently, they’ve introduced a brand new wireless controller that allows you to fine tune basically every aspect of your machine remotely. We’re talking a pretty big game changer if you’ve been previously using a machine with no remote control functionality.

Miller also has a line of ArcReach compatible trailblazers, which offer a similar solution to their wireless controller. To read more about ArcReach, check out our article here.

These remote control options translate to a number of significant benefits. First off, improved quality. Because let’s face it, if you’ve got “okay” settings, you’re probably not taking the extra trek across the job site to perfect your parameters. That’s no longer an issue when you can make adjustments with the flick of your finger.

This also saves on time and fuel cost, especially because you can remotely turn on and off your generator while not using it. That, in turn, also helps with noise and overall work safety. One important thing to note: Not all Trailblazers are wireless controller or ArcReach compatible. Make sure the model you’re interested in specifically mentions these technologies before you purchase it to guarantee you’ve got the right machine for you.


But That Arc Though!

Arc stability has always been a weird issue with welders, who are often unsure if the problem is user error or their machine’s fault. This can result in an incredibly frustrating experience when using less reliable machines.

The Trailblazer’s consistent, reliable arc has always been one of its main selling points. It has a wide amperage output with better welding deposition rates which means you can get jobs done faster, saving time and money. It also has some of the most precise arc control possible, allowing you to fine-tune the arc to match your personal preferences and quickly dial in the perfect parameters to optimize weld quality.


Power To Match Your Needs

When compared to other Miller Welder/Generators like the Bobcat, there are some features exclusive to the Trailblazer. One of these is its Auto-Speed™ Technology.

Most Engine Driven machines have two speeds for their engines: Idle and running. What this means is that if you try to use even the smallest application of power, your typical welder/generator will go full bore, hitting it’s highest RPM (even if you’re only using a fraction of that power). It’s basically all or nothing.

Auto-Speed technology allows the welder/generator to limit how hard it runs to meet your power needs. This translates to better fuel usage (less cost from refueling) and a quieter work experience. The decreased noise levels are a huge benefit for jobs near residential areas or hospitals and will also allow you to work earlier in the morning or later at night without noise complaints.


One of the Most Profitable Machines

Miller works alongside industry professionals to design and adjust their machines to match your needs. This has been one of their secrets to success that has allowed them to build a highly trusted brand. It’s also why the Trailblazer excels at efficiency and an easy user experience.

The wireless remotes, cleaner engines, and Auto-Speed™ Technology all come down to less refueling trips and more time welding. You spend your time on the job actually “on the job,” meaning more profitability and efficiency. This is why a Trailblazer is one of the best investments you can make with that extra budget you’ve saved up over the course of the year.

As a final note, the Trailblazer was ultimately designed as a tier higher than Miller’s Bobcat series. But that step up does come at a monetary price. If the Trailblazer is a little expensive for your budget, you should check out the Bobcat series. You’ll be missing out on the full range of wireless controls and Auto-Speed™ Technology, so it’s best to weigh the benefits you need for your specific line of work and decide which machine is right for you. Check out both the Miller Bobcat and Trailblazer series with the buttons below.