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So, Why Do People Like The Square Wave Tig 200?

So, Why Do People Like The Square Wave Tig 200?

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We know what you’re thinking. How can a wave also be a square and still be called a wave. Shouldn’t it be called the Lincoln Paradox TIG 200? Well, my observant reader, here’s why the Square Wave name is actually quite accurate. Traditionally, welding machines handled voltage in a sine wave structure. This consists of a brief period of cleaning and a brief period of heat. Square Wave technology has cut off the top and bottom of that sine wave to allow more time during the cleaning and heating processes. This technology allows much better performance, especially when welding materials like aluminum. Now that we’ve unraveled the mystery behind the Square Wave TIG 200’s name, we’ll be taking a good, hard look at it’s biggest pros and cons to help you decide if this could be your next machine.


First thing you’ll notice: This welding machine feels solid. That’s something we’ve come to expect with Lincoln. They’re just well built. The metal casing does a good job of protecting the welder’s guts and the buttons on the front feel nice and solid. No cheap plastic parts here.


That being said, one issues we’ve read on message boards is that the free gas regulator that comes with the machine doesn’t feel up to Lincoln’s standards. While we’ve haven’t heard about this issue directly from our customers, it is worth noting. Should you want a regulator that feels as solid as the rest of this machine, you might want to look here.


The rest of the accessories that come with the machine sport the quality you’d expect from Lincoln. The TIG torch actually includes a flexible head and ultra-flex cable. This is awesome when you need to weld in those difficult positions or hard-to-reach places. The foot pedal is also top notch. Its smooth action makes it really easy to slide into a nice, clean weld.


SquareWave 200

As far as specs go with this machine, it’s as close as you can get to a professional welder without a professional price tag. The Square Wave can TIG aluminum (AC/DC capabilities), as well as Stick. It has a max output of 200 amps. Setting up for a weld is also incredibly simple with it’s easy to navigate display. This makes it one of the best user-friendly machines on the market.


When it comes to actually welding, the Square Wave has a very clean, stable arc. It’s this type of reliability that you can’t get with a substandard machine. If you’re looking for a good, rock-solid TIG or Stick welder for your shop or garage, you should check out more on the Lincoln Square Wave 200 here.