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The Best Indoor Welding Project Ideas

The Best Indoor Welding Project Ideas

For most areas of the country, fall means rain and a rollercoaster of unpredictable weather. It can make outside projects a difficult task, ultimately forcing a lot of welders to the shelter of their garage or workshop.

Because of this, fall is a great time of year for smaller projects that can be safely housed indoors. And it’s not just you who will spend more time inside. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve: All events where you’ll have friends and family visiting your abode. This means fall is the perfect season to add a personal touch to your home and really show off your skills.

Now all you need is a few ideas. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’re showing off some of the best photos you’ve sent us featuring indoor decorations and furniture.

Wall Decorations

Walls are the perfect place to show off your skills. Instead of some weird painting you found at a garage sale or pictures of your children, why not display something you’re truly proud of.

The trick with wall decorations isn’t just how it looks, but how well it stays attached. If your piece is too heavy, it won’t stay up for long. Finding studs in walls will be important for shelves, but makes it hard to put your finished piece in the perfect spot. Aluminum is an incredibly light, low cost material perfect for this. However, welding aluminum can be difficult without the right equipment .

Table Displays

While they require a surface to rest on, table displays can be heavier than wall decorations. That being said, if you have small children or grandchildren, keep in mind that what can go wrong, will go wrong.

Decorations like these can really benefit from a plasma cutter which allows you to create complex shapes and precise cuts that simply wouldn’t be possible with oxy acetylene.


Moving from decoration projects to functional pieces is a rewarding challenge. Often the hardest part comes from introducing new materials like wood or glass that you might not have used before. Furniture can be as basic or as personalized as you’d prefer, even to the point of taking apart your car and placing the pieces throughout your house.

When using wood, don’t forget some type of sealant to protect the surface. Stains are also an easy way to get a nice, interesting finish.

If you prefer to only use metal on your piece, ergonomics can become a challenge. Metal is generally quite sturdy, but not necessarily the most comfortable. Creating a chair that doesn’t feel like hemorrhoids can be difficult. From the very beginning of your project, ask yourself, “Would I want to sit on this?” Taking this into account from the start will help you create a piece that’s cool-looking and functional.

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